Advice 1: How to cure herpes forever

Herpes – herpes is a viral disease that occurs in both sexes and all age groups. According to who, the virus infected at least 90% of the adult population. The frequent recurrence of the disease indicates a decline in immunity, the presence of foci of chronic infection, dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine glands, etc. Cooling, as overheating, injury to the skin provoke the outbreak.
How to cure herpes forever
You will need
  • - "Acyclovir";
  • - herpetic polyvalent vaccine;
  • - "Dekaris", "Gamma globulin";
  • - "Viferon", "Likopid";
  • - intravenous laser irradiation;
  • - Echinacea purpurea.
The use of the antiviral drug "Acyclovir" helps effectively to deal with single manifestations of the disease.
In patients with recurrent herpese recommended the introduction of polyvalent vaccines, which are administered 0.1-0.2 ml intradermally into the outer surface of the shoulder twice a week. The course of treatment of 5-10 injections.
Also, be sure to appoint immunomodulators, supporting the body's defenses - "Dekaris", "Gamma-globulin", etc.
Modern drugs such as "Viferon", "Likopid" possess not only immunomodulatory effects but also exert antiviral action. The drugs appoints only the attending physician after conducting the necessary blood tests and diagnose the type of herpes infection.
In severe cases, perhaps the use of intravenous laser irradiation. This procedure is carried out with use of quantum therapy. Blood cleared directly into the bloodstream through the optical waveguide. The effectiveness of treatment is unprecedented and is having an impact not only on the herpes viruses. There is a powerful, healthy body. Anti-inflammatory effect is on the nerve, lung, cartilage, bone, liver tissue. As a consequence, increases immunity, the body's resistance to germs, bacteria and viruses.
Strengthen the immune system medicinal plants-immunomodulatory. Very popular Echinacea purpurea. Take 50 grams of crushed leaves and flowers and pour 0.5 liters of vodka. Insisting in a dark place for 3 weeks, filter the tincture. Plant material press through double-layered cheesecloth and connect with the filtrate. Take 10 ml three times a day 30 minutes before meals. The course – 14 days.
To achieve full recovery it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle. Balanced nutrition, strengthening physical health, avoiding harmful habits, healthy habits are the Foundation. Great importance is lack of stress, proper sexual behavior and hygiene.
Is it possible to permanently cure herpes? Unfortunately, no. At least for now. To date, the medicine has no means that allow completely bring the herpes virus from the human body. The mechanism of infection with herpes simplex is quite complicated, the virus is embedded in the genetic apparatus of a cell and remains with you forever. Therefore, almost all the people on earth carry the herpes virus in itself.
Useful advice
Know how to cure herpes forever – the introduction of the vaccine against herpes, to the exclusion of re-infection. This treatment is often prescribed for rashes, it consists of injection of herpes polyvalent vaccine, which is administered twice a week in the outer surface of the shoulder, the course must be 5 – 10 injections, and immunomodulators inside levamisole, metisazon, gamma globulin, etc.

Advice 2: How to cure herpes in one day

There is probably no person who would not ask the question: "How to cure herpes in one day"? Unfortunately millions of people, modern treatment methods do not allow once and for all get rid of the herpes virus. About 80% of the world's population are carriers of the herpes simplex virus and about 60% of infected genital herpes. Can't be cured, but can be converted into "dormant" stage.
How to cure herpes in one day
You will need
  • - horseradish roots
  • - vodka
  • - the pods of pepper
  • - juniper (fruit)
  • - lemon balm leaves
  • - bird cherry flowers
Relapses of the disease occur on the background of weakening of the organism, decreasing immunity. Herpes warns us that it is urgent to help your body to maintain the body.
Folk medicine in this case recommends:
To eat a day to five "tablets" yellow flowers-grains from inflorescences of tansy within 15 days.
To prevent recurrences of genital herpes, to half-liter cans fill the crushed roots of horseradish and hot pepper pods in equal parts. Pour a liter of vodka and leave for a couple of weeks in a dark place, occasionally shaking the jar. Drain. To drink the infusion of 1 tbsp. twice a day 30 minutes before meals, can be diluted in water.
Regular tonic tea:
- juniper (fruit) - 1 tsp.;

- lemon balm leaves - 3 tsp;

- flowers cherry - 3 tsp.
Mix and brew tea at the rate of 1 tbs. of part - 1 C of boiling water. Drink 1 Cup of hot tea with honey or pureed with sugar viburnum 3-6 times a day.
The above means are good as a tonic and tonic, but directly to the virus influence have medicines. In order for therapy to be justified, you must seek the advice of a specialist, who will prescribe antiherpetic drugs. The treatment plan is always individual and complex.
Usually prescribed modern antiviral drugs: Acyclovir, Famciclovir, Valacyclovir.
Famciclovir and Valacyclovir are more modern and more expensive drugs in comparison with Acyclovir. If still no rash, but worried about itching and pain, the medication will prevent the appearance of the rash.
If the rash is already there, then antiviral drugs will reduce the healing time of sores. With a monthly recurrence prophylaxis is needed. This antiviral therapy, restorative drugs, physiotherapy.
To cure herpes in one day – impossible! But herpes is not a death sentence! Do not self-medicate, seek help from a qualified dermatologist. Remember: positive emotions, optimistic mood, beneficial to health. And take care of yourself!
This question worries many people, because приблизительно80% of people are carriers of herpes. The most common method of getting rid of herpes 1 day is masane sores normal toothpaste. However, this method is suitable only if you are at home, in the office, you can hardly understand. Excellent help with herpes the garlic or the juice of garlic, you just need to smear the affected area with garlic 5-6 times a day.
Useful advice
Herpes on the lips or under the nose will help the alcohol camphor. To lubricate them several times a day the sore spots. Deliverance is not instantaneous, but much faster. Chicken egg vs herpes on the lips. Remove the film from the inner side of the eggs and attach the adhesive side to the sore. This tool can also be used prophylactically, before the frost, brushing lips. The hot spoon is a great remedy for herpes. Herpes on the lips can be eliminated in one day.

Advice 3: How to cure hair after chemo

Kind gentle chemistry you wouldn't have done, your hair still felt a strong stress. Their molecular structure is completely changed, so they become dry, unpleasant to the touch, shove, lose their luster, bad to style and even fall out. Such hair needs extra care.
How to cure hair after chemo
You will need
  • shampoo for damaged hair;
  • balm for damaged hair;
  • - 1 yolk;
  • - 2 tbsp of castor oil;
  • - 1 tbsp of burdock oil;
  • - 1 tbsp of cream;
  • - 1 tbsp of yeast;
  • - 1 tbsp of liquid soap;
  • - 1 tbsp aloe juice;
  • - 1 tbsp Apple cider vinegar;
  • - 1 tbsp of lemon juice;
  • 1 Cup dark beer;
  • - 1 tbsp. l. roots of calamus;
  • - 1 tbsp. l. roots of burdock;
  • - 1 tbsp. l. hop cones
  • - decoction of leaves of nettle;
  • - decoction of hop cones;
  • - decoction of marigold flowers;
  • - a decoction of chamomile flowers;
  • - yogurt;
  • - yogurt
To restore hair after a Perm in the first place pay attention to shampooing and styling. Wash and rinse the head of the recommended special shampoos and conditioners for damaged hair. Lay and blow dry the curls without using a hot dryer. This is an extremely aggressive method of treatment for lifeless hair. After shampooing do not squeeze the hair. Just hold them in a towel.
To moisturize, strengthen curls. making them silky and Shine be sure to use revitalizing mask. It can be as professional cosmetic products that contain panthenol, keratin, collagen, masks homemade. Such procedures need 2-3 times a week.
One of the universal masks for hair is considered to be a mixture of 1 egg yolk, 2 tbsp castor oil, 1 tbsp. of cream and yeast. The components are mixed gently reheat in a water bath and carefully massage into the hair roots. Half an hour later, remove the medium by shampoo. Rinse hair decoction of nettle leaves, hop cones, flowers of calendula, or chamomile.
Beneficial effect on damaged hair, the following mask. Take 1 tbsp. l. burdock oil, liquid soap and aloe juice. Warm mixture massage into the scalp, and after 30 minutes rinse with shampoo. As a conditioner use Apple cider vinegar: dilute 1 tbsp of vinegar in a liter of cool water. An alternative is the use of lemon juice. The solution is prepared in a similar manner.
In the treatment of hair permed widely distributed beer masks with herbs. They prevent hair loss and restore well hair follicles. For mixing you'll need a glass of hot dark beer, 1 tablespoon of the roots of calamus, the roots of burdock, hop cones. Insist for days, and then RUB into the hair roots a few times a week for 3 months.
For quick recovery of damaged hair, it is useful to rinse it with yogurt, buttermilk, yogurt or beer.

Advice 4: How to cure ringworm

Under this name there are many different skin diseases. Some of them are fungal in nature, others viral, and about the origin of some of them even now, scientists argue. Therefore, the question of how to cure shinglesat once and definitely will not answer no medic. To treat the disease, it should correctly diagnose. And not always it can be done only if the examination of the patient is still required and laboratory tests.
How to cure ringworm
You will need
  • - sea salt;
  • - Apple cider vinegar;
  • - propolis;
  • - alcohol;
  • - calendula flowers;
  • - alcohol tincture of calendula;
  • - vaseline;
  • - hop cones;
  • - infusion of burdock;
  • - juice of Euphorbia;
  • - iodine;
  • - Vishnevsky ointment.
If you or someone from your family has developed some strange rash that is localized in certain locations on the extremities, back, abdomen, scalp - try not to waste time on self-diagnosis, if you are not a doctor. In some cases to determine the disease, you must pass tests and skin you need to take a scraping. And only after that doctor will decide how to cure ringworm if you find that this is one of its varieties.
In order not to increase the area of spread of the disease, in any case, you should not take baths. They recommend to replace taking a shower.
As a favorable environment for disease progression is usually warm and humid climate, pay attention to your clothes. Try not to wear synthetics. Better if the body will touch natural cotton materials which can quickly absorb sweat.
If you are prone to heavy sweating, you will help water and salt water. For this purpose, two tablespoons sea salt dissolve in 10 litres of cool water. Oblates this solution and wait a while (preferably leather dry on your own). Places of greatest perspiration apply antiperspirant or deodorant.
The affected skin treat antifungal or antiviral drugs that you prescription.
In any case, try to close the places affected ringworm from direct sunlight.
The most important condition for rapid treatment depriving any origin is a clean house. Try to remove at least during the fleecy fabric (carpets, capes, etc.). Daily vacuum floors and wipe them with disinfectant. If possible, look for the quartz lamp and treat it the room several times a week.
The clothes of the patient should be boiled and carefully ironed. Remember that viable spores can save in a year and a half.
Some types of lichen disappear when using folk methods of treatment. Affected place you can try to grease with a solution (1:1) Apple cider vinegar.
Dissolve 25 g of propolis in 100 g of alcohol and insist in a week. This fluid lubricate zoster.
Lubricate the affected area with an alcohol tincture of calendula (can be purchased at the drugstore) and then apply the ointment. Ointment from marigold flowers is prepared simply: 10 g of flowers, crushed into powder, spread with 50 grams of vaseline.
Prepare a decoction of 10 g of hop cones and 200 ml of boiling water. It should be applied externally. A decoction can also wash your head with hair loss (with ringworm).
Well helps the infusion and decoction of burdock as a poultice or compress.
You can try to lubricate sore spots with the juice of a Euphorbia (any type).
Some species of lichen can be destroyed, lubricating the lesions with a solution of iodine.
A very good remedy against lichen – Vishnevsky ointment. And yet remember that it is better not to self-medicate, and get professional help medical professional. It is faster and more reliable.

Advice 5: How to cure urolithiasis in the cat

Urolithiasis is a serious condition that often sick cats of all breeds. It is expressed in the violation of metabolism in the animal body and is accompanied by inflammation of the urogenital system, formation of stones in kidney and urethra. In the absence of proper treatment can lead to death.
How to cure urolithiasis in the cat

Urolithiasis in cats occurs as a result of malnutrition, inflammatory processes in kidneys and urinary tract, hormonal imbalance in the body, the anatomical features of the urethral canal or pathology of the digestive tract. The disease may also be the result of a sedentary lifestyle or carry a hereditary character.

As soon as the cat begins to behave restlessly, suffer from lack of appetite and frequently go to the toilet, feeling pain, you should immediately contact a veterinarian. If this is not done, the disease begins to progress, the urine will be blood, cramps, vomiting and the cat can die from dehydration.

Independent choice of treatment of kidney stones can lead to negative consequences, as only a doctor can correctly prescribe drugs based on what kind of stones are present in the animal body – struvite or oxalates. And it can be done only after analyses of blood and urine.

The treatment of this disease individually and aimed at relief of pain, renal colic and removal of the inflammatory process. Usually prescribe antispasmodics and antibiotics (Gentamycin", "Dispersal" and others). If you are not urinating, doing catheterization. Also used homeopathic remedies, for example, "APIs", "Magnesium", "Kantaris" and others. It is useful to give the cat decoctions of such herbs and plants as plantain, cranberries (leaves), bearberry.

In the treatment of urolithiasis great importance is given to diet which is the consumption of feed of plant origin (cereals) and dairy products. Often veterinarians recommend excluded from the diet of the animal dry food, meat and fish.

Urolithiasis, transferred to the acute form often becomes chronic. Therefore, to exclude its re-appearance, should be the prevention of disease. It includes correct selection of the feed is necessarily enriched with vitamins, active lifestyle, the consumption of large amounts of water and weight loss cat.

Advice 6: Is it possible to cure an alcoholic

Treated for alcoholism? On this score there are different opinions. But all experts agree that to help the suffering with this disease the person can and should be, modern methods of cure for alcohol addiction give very good results.
Is it possible to cure an alcoholic

Alcoholism is often treated as a kind of bad habit, not realizing that it is a very serious disease that people are usually not. The main reason for this is that the alcoholic changes the metabolism, there is a need for a regular dose of alcohol. This dependency is akin to drug – without alcohol people feel bad, but it is a little drink, as soon improved health and mood.

The main difficulty in the treatment of alcoholism is the destruction of the arising dependencies. In the human body naturally produces a small amount of ethanol required for proper metabolism. The alcoholic is the mechanism is depressed, as alcohol is supplied from the outside. If you stop drinking alcohol, proper metabolism is restored, but this happens very slowly and with great difficulties.

Some reputable doctors believe that full recovery doesn't take place. New mechanisms of exchange, formed under the influence of alcohol, just go into a down state, however, even a small dose of alcohol can again start them. Therefore it is impossible to speak about the cure for alcoholism – in the best case we are talking about long-term remission, but nothing more.

Considering the severity of the disease, the alcoholism treatment must be under the supervision of a doctor trying to heal yourself can lead to serious consequences. The main difficulty lies in the fact that the body of the alcoholic is very weak, this is especially true after a binge. In patients receiving high doses of alcohol the person almost does not eat, the body lacks proteins and fats and vitamins and minerals.

If a person tries to independently get out of the binge and stop drinking, he is faced with many problems. The body is weakened, impaired liver and cardiovascular system. Against this background, possible heart attacks and strokes that can lead to death. It is here important help of a doctor who will first qualified person from the binge that will allow you to avoid possible complications, and then helps him overcome his alcohol addiction.

The earlier the alcoholism treatment, the best results can be achieved. Unfortunately, not every patient alcoholism is aware that he is sick, so only very few are able to go to the doctor. And there is a huge importance to help relatives of the sick person – that they should insist on the treatment, allow the alcoholic to the doctor. Family help is one of the main factors of successful recovery from alcoholism.

Advice 7: Can fasting cure cancer

The humanity has long been concerned with the problem of cancer and this problem is quite complex. There are many forms of cancer that can be cured by medical methods.
Can fasting cure cancer
Quite often there are cases where medicine is impotent, and then they are alone with the disease. As a rule, neglected, untreatable forms of cancer. In such cases, you begin to resort to fasting. There were cases when with the help of fasting people were cured from cancer.

In considering the mechanism of fasting, it becomes clear that through fasting has the ability to cure cancer, but it needs prolonged fasting over 40 days. Even a healthy person without preparation cannot withstand that fasting, and many patients with cancer are weakened.
Here comes the cascade fasting for Voitovich, raw food diet, juices fasting for Breus.

The right attitude of a person when fasting

In the treatment of disease plays an important role desire of a successful recovery. It's hard to believe that to cure cancer can a person who is scared or surprised. Only hard work, despite defeat and failure, will cause the disease to retreat. In this case, it is important not so much technique, how much the mood of the person to recovery.

Fasting can help fight cancer

Scientists from the University of southern California it has been proven that intermittent fasting may help cope with cancer and enhance the effectiveness of therapy.
Specialists have found that fasting delays the metastasis of cancer cells and in combination with chemotherapy allows cancer tumors to retreat.

In the journal Science Translational Medicine published the report, it was reported that when compared to healthy cells, cancer cells responded to stress in the form of starvation, instead of falling into "hibernation", they shared and grew, eventually destroying itself. Cancer cells tried to make up for the deficiencies caused by starvation, but that did not work. Scientists have observed this phenomenon in rodents, for example ovarian cancer, breast, urinary tract.

In clinical trials it was found that the use of chemotherapy increased the effectiveness of fasting in all cases. Along with chemotherapy fasting could heal up to 20% of the rodents who had a complex form of cancer.

U.S. researchers are currently conducting clinical trials for patients with cancer of the urinary tract, ovarian, or breast cancer is prescribed a two-week fasting before chemotherapy and one day after chemotherapy. But scientists can take a couple years to finally confirm or deny the benefits of fasting in the treatment of cancer. Scientists emphasize that fasting is not suitable for all people. The fasting in cancer risk for patients who have lost more than 10% of their normal body weight, as well as those cancer patients who suffer from concomitant diseases such as diabetes.

Advice 8: How to cure herpes

Herpes is a fairly common virus. Most often it manifests itself on the lips, reducing the appearance of man. But thanks to modern drugs and traditional medicine, and eliminate the herpes sores can be very fast.
How to cure herpes

The percentage of Contracting herpes

The herpes virus is present in the body approximately 90% of the world population. 15% of people herpes sores on lips appear almost every month. In this case, you must consult a doctor who will prescribe long-term treatment antivirals.
This treatment will last 6-12 months.

Eliminate the virus is not possible, but the right treatment helps to get rid of recurrences of herpes. It should be remembered that curing this disease is necessary, as there is a risk of getting the virus in the blood, where it will remain forever and will begin to appear on other parts of the body.

Stages of a cold sore on the lips

1. The skin on your lips starts to itch. There is a slight burning sensation. Reddened area of the skin swells and it produces a bubble.

2. Gradually bubbles getting more of them follows a transparent liquid.

3. A few days later the sores begin to dry and covered with crusts, which are impossible to pluck.
Sometimes the manifestation of the virus is accompanied by malaise and fever.

How to cure herpes on lips

Herpes on the lips always appears at the wrong time. However, it is not necessary to lock up the house, depriving the organism of fresh air. At the first symptoms of the virus can be cured:

• Antiviral ointment. This can be, for example, Zovirax, Acyclovir or Flutsinar. The ointment should be applied to the inflamed area in a thin layer and RUB in light circular movements. This procedure must be repeated every 4-5 hours.

• Special pills for herpes. At the first symptoms, you can take tablets of Cyclovir, Famciclovir or. They need to take the first watch. If vesicles have already appeared, these drugs will not be able to get rid of sores in the short term, it would take 2-3 days.

How to quickly get rid of cold sores folk remedies

If the vesicles on the skin has already appeared, you can use wrapped in a napkin with ice. You need to press to her lips the ice and keep it there as long as possible.

A good helper in the fight against herpes is the garlic. To be treated can be crushed garlic or a specially prepared tool: grind a couple of cloves of garlic, mix them with a teaspoon of instant coffee, two tablespoons of any yogurt and a teaspoon of honey and wheat flour. The resulting mixture was applied to the gauze and put on the inflamed areas.

Effective treatment is also toothpaste, which for the night smeared the wound. In the morning the affected area begins to be covered with a crust and heals pretty quickly.

Advice 9: How to cure HPV

Today, the human papilloma virus has more than 70 species, affecting different parts of the body. Especially dangerous are genital warts, which can degenerate into cancer.
Vaccination is one of the ways to prevent HPV

HPV: General information about the disease, its causes

The human papillomavirus (HPV) causes a specific infectious disease affecting skin and mucous membranes. HPV can be transmitted sexually or through casual. Infection with the virus in these ways is quite common. In rare cases, vertical transmission of HPV from mother to baby during childbirth.
In addition to the outer forms of manifestation, warts are internal, localized in the middle layers of the epithelium. The doctors called them flat warts.

According to epidemiological estimates, the world is infected with 10-13% of the population, or approximately 630 million people. During mass screening, the virus is found in 40-50% of sexually active women and men, but most of them, especially at a young age, it can disappear without any treatment.

Visible manifestations of human papillomavirus infection doctors have long been known. They are described more doctors of Ancient Greece. This papilloma and genital warts. The first are formed most often on the hands, feet, and the second on the genitals. Hippocrates himself called condyloma also "genital warts". In the absence of timely treatment, they can lead to cancer of the cervix and penis.

At risk of HPV infection include the following categories of persons:
- started early sexual life;
- promiscuous;
women after abortion;
fans of anal sex.
In pregnancy, the formation of exophytic warts is due to the changes in hormone levels, a weakened immune system and a violation of the vaginal flora.

Is there a cure for HPV?

Unfortunately, certain treatments HPV today medicine can offer. Therapeutic measures are only able to eliminate the symptoms of the disease, the virus from the body they can not withdraw. Experts select the treatment based on the type of the disease, provoked by HPV, the extent of its development and other factors.

Given the viral nature of the disease, the doctor prescribes antiviral drugs and immunomodulatory agent. For the local treatment of the affected areas, the patient is recommended preparation "Solkoderm" or "Cheap". Their single application is enough to affected with HPV tissue has died and been rejected. However, despite the disappearance of external signs of the disease, the person remains a carrier of the virus.

Removal of warts on any part of the body becomes a necessity in case of their rapid increase in size, pain or finding in a prominent place (face, neck, hands). The mechanical removal of warts can be realized in different ways – cryodestruction, electrocoagulation, laser or chemical destruction, radiosurgery. If they are not a cause of inconvenience, to remove them necessarily.

Is there prevention of HPV?

Effective preventive measure that can prevent the appearance of new lesions on the genitals, is the use of "spray Epigenes Sex". Providing a complex effect, it protects the body against infection with HPV and preventing its further spread in the female's genital tract. Used the drug before and after intercourse – just do 1 – 2 injection into the vagina.

Specific prevention is the HPV vaccination of patients against exposure to oncogenic types of the virus. Better spend it before they become sexually active or at a young age. After a special examination, which excludes the presence of the virus, the patient is offered the introduction of "Cervarix" and "Gardasil".

Advice 10: Is it possible to cure a cold with vodka or brandy

Treatment of alcoholic drinks at the first signs of colds - sometimes a very effective method. But to overdo it is not worth it. If the person is often sick, it is better to be treated with medications, pre-visiting a therapist.
Is it possible to cure a cold with vodka or brandy
Suddenly ill, people often start to be treated in haste, drinking a large dose of various cough and cold remedies, which only temporarily relieves symptoms. An alternative method of treatment is the acceptance of alcohol.

Therapists believe that a very popular method of mixing the alcohol with coffee is actually in no way useful, because it can improve only the physical condition. After the drink is consumed, you will get an imaginary sense of comfort and warmth. At the same time, blood vessels expand, what do you need such a weakened body. Full recovery with this treatment is not followed.

How to be treated?

If you started cold and there is low temperatures, you should have 50-70 grams of cognac and sit in a warm bath. Cognac is drunk in small SIPS, and be sure to seize him lemon, he the common cold is very useful as a source of vitamin C. After taking a bath you need to immediately go to bed and well bundle up, try to sleep. If you can't take a warm bath, have warm feet and hands in warm water for several minutes. Note that this method is contraindicated for people with high blood pressure and with heart disease.

If you care about prevention of respiratory diseases that can be picked up at any time of the year, then try periodically to drink mulled wine. Cognac, added in a small amount of this beverage, to facilitate the full assimilation of vitamin C, introduced by lemon. And cloves and cinnamon strengthen the immune system.
Warm brandy helps the body to combat angina, and also to lower the temperature when used in conjunction with honey and lemon.

Vodka – a great helper in the cold

With a cold vodka is good as a remedy for external application, and for preparation of different extracts and even teas.

Vodka can be rubbed the chest, compresses the throat, lungs, feet and back. In any case it is impossible to make a compress on the heart, and the rest to this method of treatment there are no contraindications.

Tea vodka: in a container pour 10-15 tablespoons of vodka, put on low heat. When the process will start boiling, add a teaspoon of black tea. Remove from heat, close tight lid.
After cooling the cure take 1-2 SIPS at night. To enhance the effect, you can eat drink honey. This combination cures the common cold in its early stages in most cases.

Another popular method of treatment is gargling spirits: brandy, cognac or vodka.
Is the advice useful?