When faced with the question of creating a "magnet for money", you'll hear about a happy dollar. This banknote 1 dollar, which is folded into the shape of a triangle having necessarily on the front side of the image pyramid towering over her eye. This "all Seeing Eye", which will ensure that in your wallet could be found only in dollars and only large denomination.
Fold a pentacle simply. Lay out a dollar vertically to the head of Washington's portrait was turned in your direction. Carefully bend the top left corner to the right edge of the dollar. Now bend the bill to his peak obtained in the first step of the triangle. If you did everything correctly, you should get a rectangle.
Then you must turn to the bill diagonally. The hypotenuse of the triangle must be wrapped inside. If you are not wrong, you will see the inverted word “ONE“.
Now you just have to fold the remaining corners to the base of the triangle and make sure on the face really is the pyramid and eye.
As to banknotes in other countries is much less likely to meet such an ambitious magical symbols, choose the front side of a triangle you can on your own. And when folding the bills also you can use more than simple diagrams.
For example, can be folded up bill on the principle of "soldier's triangle". Put a dollar bill vertically in front of you. Bend the top left corner to the right edge of the bill. The resulting triangle fold in half again. Big enough the rest of the bills roll also in the shape of a triangle and tuck in the free edge of the top.
If you believe the mind, the most powerful and effective talismans are obtained from the bills, got to you through cash flow. This can be a gift or a chance discovery.
Monetary triangles just have to put in a purse and never never get. Not worth to tell anyone about your "money magnet".