Search the Internet and download the programming environment Borland Delphi. Install it on your computer, run. In the opened window you will see the blank of the interface – a window with a name Fоrm1. Change the name you need by clicking the title bar and typing the desired text in the left column, in the Caption field.
At the top of the program window is a palette of components. It has all the necessary elements for creating almost any program. You can just drag them with the mouse onto the form. For example, drag a button and place it in the right place. Change its name just as you have changed the name of the form.
If you create a text editor, analogous to Notepad, you will need a field for text input. Locate the components palette item Memo or RichEdit and drag it onto the form. Post in the right place, drag it to the desired size. Add on the shape of the desired button. The menu you create using the MainMenu component.
To open files and save them you'll need a OpenDialog and SaveDialog components. The shortcut menu you can invoke by using the PopupMenu. The component Component will allow you to choose a font. Badges of five of the last components place in any part of the form, in the finished program, they will not be visible.
You have a blank future text editor, but its components need to be adjusted. In particular, it is necessary to enter menu items and to register to their event handlers. You need to enter and lines of code that handle the buttons. Click any button on the form, double-arm, will open the code window.
Now you start to really learn programming. You need to write the necessary lines of code. Look at this example: Using it, you can create a simple text editor.
The finished program must be compiled to obtain an executable file. How Delphi compiles, you can see here: In the compilation there are subtleties, in particular, that the program worked not only on your computer, but on the other, you must perform some configuration.
Open the menu Project – Options. Do not check the Use dynamic RTL in the Linker properties and the Build with runtime packages in the Packages properties.
While self-writing a program is very important to make the correct algorithm of its operation. Do not spare time for this, because the more you prescribe the algorithm, the easier it will be to translate it into code will be and the better your program. In your code, be sure to make comments. Without them, you have a couple of months will hardly be able to understand your own code. Comments are removed during compilation, so it does not affect the size of the program.
Ready to thoroughly test the program for possible errors. Itsite it in all possible ways: perform unintended operations, resize window, etc. Properly configured it does not allow you to resize the window, if provided, will not generate an error in response to inappropriate action. In the latter case, trigger error handlers.