The testator may dispose of his property during his lifetime and unsubscribe to belong to his flat to any person. In this case, the inheritance will occur in declared bequest. However, this rule has exceptions. If on the day of death of the testator, he had disabled parents, children or spouse, they are required to receive a share of the inheritance. Moreover, this share will be half of the part that they would inherit by law without a will.
However, this provision has one feature – the mandatory share of priority stands out from the rest, not mentioned in the will of the property of the testator (if any). Thus, to deprive unworthy in your opinion his heirs the rights to the apartment, it is not enough to make a will for another person. It is necessary to exclude the possibility of a compulsory share the right to the said property. To do this, you should stay nezavisimym part of the property (cash deposits, automobiles, securities, etc.). In this case, the right to a compulsory share does not extend to the apartment.
When you have difficulties or impossibility of implementing such a division of property, consider registration of the contract of life rent on an apartment with the person you chose as your heir. Such an agreement implies that your life annuity of the rent payer, you also retain the right of residence in this apartment. Issuing the annuity and receiving monthly payments, you can be sure that your apartment will not depart unwanted heirs. Since the right of ownership of the property passes to raintoday at the time of registration of the contract.
Another way to deprive the heirs of the rights to the apartment may be the option of selling or gifting the property. And to avoid invalidation of the relatives after your death, the option of registration of purchase and sale is preferable. As a deed of gift, as gratuitous, is more likely to be challenged in court.