The food must be balanced. Your immune system to work correctly, include in the diet foods containing dietary fiber. These include beans, asparagus, figs, bananas, vegetables and onions. Onions and garlic have which suppress the growth and development of bacteria as they contain volatile. If you don't want to use them in large quantities in food, cut the head of garlic or an onion into small pieces and place in a room in the saucers. Do not neglect and dairy products, because they not only will be a source of calcium for you and the unborn child, but also will support immunity due to the enrichment of an organism by lactic acid bacteria. Make sure to eat fruits and berries rich in vitamin C. rose Hips, cranberries, citrus fruits, kiwi will help you to strengthen the body's immune defenses. Take vitamins prescribed by your doctor.
Fresh air and movement will also help you to resist infections. Walk in parks and gardens, exercise for pregnant, sign up in the pool. Water therapy also will give the effect of light hardening, which will also help to strengthen the body's defenses. Two times a week to do wet cleaning at home. To ventilate the apartment and working space, as fresh air does not concentrate the bacteria, and therefore, the risk of catching an infection will be minimal.
Practice good hygiene, because many diseases can be accessed through the objects of common use. Wash your hands often with soap and water, but if this is not possible, always bring in antiseptic gel and wipes. For the prevention of diseases in time of epidemics, wear a gauze bandage that has to be changed every three hours. Try to avoid communication with ill relatives or colleagues. Buy oxolinic ointment, which is known for its protective properties with regular lubrication of the nose. At home you can gargle with a decoction of chamomile or calendula.
During pregnancy try often to rest, because the weakened, tired body less resistant to infections. Adequate sleep will positively affect not only your immunity, but also on the mood.