You will need
  • - calculations and design of ventilating;
  • - the supply unit;
  • - exhaust fan;
  • - ventilation and exhaust ducts;
  • - diffusers and grilles;
  • - the heat exchanger;
  • - fasteners;
  • - a necessary tool (drill, screwdriver, jigsaw, drill, pliers, hammer, etc.)
Before starting work, make a ventilation project, calculate the required movement of air (usually enough 60 cubic meters per person, but if you have a fireplace, then increase this figure to 100 cubic meters). In accordance with the location of the premises find a place for the air ducts and vents, between rooms provide free ventilation.
Install supply and installation of the system the air will come. Choose the most clean place in the garden or in the attic, you can put it on the wall. If you decide to put supply and installation in garden equip its ground heat exchanger to use the earth's temperature: in summer the cool air and in winter to heat.
On the roof or exterior wall of a building, place an exhaust fan. It will output the exhaust air to the outside. When choosing a location do not forget that the minimum distance between the exhaust fan and inlet installation shall be not less than 8 meters (on one side) or 5 metres (on adjacent walls).
As ventilation channels, you can use any pipe (except sewer), but for giving the best head elastic steel springs. They are affordable, but when you install, and operating be careful, they are easy to damage.
At the end of ventilation ducts attach special diffusers, and exhaust, you can put a regular lattice. If the attic of your house residential, mount the channels in the walls and roof, and in the house with residential attic put them in the roof space.
In the attic, in the garage or the boiler set the main element of the ventilation system – heat exchanger, which in summer will cool the air (and in the winter when you need heat). When choosing a heat exchanger will note not only on efficiency, but on the power of the fans. When installing, note that at least once a year (when continuous operation – two times), you need to clean the filters from dirt, so the equipment should be within access.