Advice 1: How to glue the dodecahedron

The dodecahedron is a proper polyhedron consisting of equal pentagons. Due to the fact that the dodecahedron has 12 faces, its model can be successfully used as a Desk calendar. For this we only need to glue the dodecahedron of suitable material and unusual souvenir is ready. And you can make a dodecahedron is simply out of colored paper, he and without a calendar will look very impressive.
How to glue the dodecahedron
You will need
  • pattern (scan) of a dodecahedron;
  • - the range;
  • - scissors or utility knife;
  • pen or marker;
  • glue;
  • paper or cardboard of appropriate density;
  • - protractor.
Print a template of a dodecahedron on the printer. Cut out the shape from the pattern. Gently fold the seat folds with a ruler and consistently glue. Apply glue should be on the "petals", which are bonded to each other, and not on the entire face of the dodecahedron. The finished figure looked attractive, lightly push the seat folds with the back of a knife, and errors, cuts or scrapes paint marker or Sharpie.
If you don't have a printer, make a template of a dodecahedron on your own, using a protractor. Start with building the Central Pentagon. To correctly build the Pentagon, remember that the angle between its two sides is 108°.
To each side of the resulting figure pririsuyte the Pentagon of the same size. Total should have 6 pentagons — a kind of flower with petals. Do the same again, not forgetting that you need to connect the "petals" of the two "flowers" on the side.
Make sure the sides of the small allowances to lubricate them with glue. Then cut, bend space bend and glue. Can wrap a dodecahedron in colored paper, stick it on the figure or color a polyhedron.
If you want to glue the dodecahedron and glue under hand was not cut along the bend lines until the middle of the bend counterclockwise or clockwise, as is most convenient to you. Then just paste the future of the dodecahedron at the notched faces at each other, they will be quite securely fastened.
Another way to make a dodecahedron is to make its layout in the technique of origami. As the assistant to use the video instructions from the Internet. You will need 30 sheets of paper will be prettier if you use colored paper. Take one sheet and fold it in half. Then bend the halves of the leaf in half in the opposite direction, so as to obtain three fold lines and the figure in the form of a fan.
Then wrap each side at right angles, the module will fold diagonally. Do the same with the other two sheets. These three modules — the first vertex of the dodecahedron. Of the 27 leaves make the remaining modules according to the principle described above, attach the modules to each other. Get spectacular dodecahedron origami.
Optimal density of paper to make a dodecahedron — 220 g/m2. More thin paper wrinkled in the process, and quite thick — it breaks at the folds.
Useful advice
In the Assembly process of the dodecahedron-origami attach the modules with clips or proclivity the joints, as they can turn around — a stable figure is only at the end of manufacture.

Advice 2: How to glue a bumper on the VAZ

Trouble driving usually suffer almost every car owner, including the owner of the Vase. There are cases of damage to the bumper, which, fortunately, can be fixed by yourself, by gluing. Therefore it is not necessary if it is damaged immediately rush to the store and buy a new one.
How to glue a bumper on the VAZ
You will need
  • - polyester resin;
  • - epoxy adhesive.
Before you start to glue the bumper on the VAZ, determine what material it is made, as this will depend on the technology of its repair. To do this, look at the markings on the inner surface of the bumper.
Then disconnected from the car bumper, good clean and inspect it for cracks or breakouts. Small crack, not sealed in time in the future can bring a lot of trouble, so take note of any damage. If your bumper is a polypropylene, then solder a small crack with a soldering iron, and if the material of the bumper is polyurethane, then soldering will be unacceptable.
The bumper is made of polyurethane glue using epoxy adhesive. This polymer clay will allow you to resolve various damages, while saving you money. Before gluing in place of damage to align all the bumps, heating the bumper from the inside. Then well move to each other adjacent the sides of the bumper, making them a sweep.
Stripped, degrease parts in a special solvent. Then epoxy adhesive in a certain ratio mix with polyester resin and start to put it on the inner side of the bumper. Once the glue take the tape, flip the bumper and engage the outer bonding. Fully cured adhesive can be cleaned, but in this case, the stripped surface must be painted as damaged film easily transmit moisture, and this is a very negative impact on the structure of the adhesive.
After the bumper will be restored, make it a complete face lift to the glued cracks were less noticeable as possible.
Be careful gluing the bumper any polymer glue as the fumes are poisonous to the human body. Therefore, bonding to produce a special mask and in a well ventilated area.
Useful advice
The missing pieces of the bumper can be replaced with fiberglass, gluing piece by piece, until you reach the desired thickness.

Advice 3: How to glue film for greenhouses

The need for bonding of panels of the film for greenhouses occurs quite often: in tear after prolonged storage or incorrect Assembly when covering a wide greenhouses, where a standard size is not enough. All versions of simple bonding and are available for use in the domestic environment.
How to glue film for greenhouses

Hot methods of adhesion

To use the most common method of bonding will need an iron or a soldering iron and (optionally, but preferably) PTFE tape. You can also use iron roller, heated to 250C. Apply the bonded panels to each other and through ftoroplastovye the tape slowly move the iron or the tip of the iron. The width of the overlap must be 1-2 see If there is PTFE tape, you can use plain paper or even a strip of newspaper, which needs to be doubled. Before bonding it is best to practice to find the optimal exposure time. The bonding process actually spent together: have an assistant extend the tape, at the same time smoothing it. After the case is completed, take the time to tear strips of paper, otherwise you may damage the film.

The second method is to use wide strips of metal (5-10 cm) and a blowtorch. Clamp the two bonded the cloth between the strips of metal and smooth surface so as to obtain overlap in 1-1,5 cm Then heat this place with a blowtorch, being careful not to overheat the metal and don't melt the tape underneath.

Cold connection methods

Plastic sheeting can be joined using a variety of adhesive compositions: "Time", BF-2, BF-4. Before the bonding process the surfaces of panels (bonding) chromium dioxide (25% solution). If you intend to connect a polyamide film, you will need glue SC5. In this case, after bonding the seam must be ironed with an iron heated to 50-60C. If the adhesive is absent, and the film splicing is necessary, it is possible to use "national" means: concentrated acetic acid (80%) or xylene. In any case, first the connection must be warmed up to a temperature of 70-75C. When working with these compounds should be used with caution.

Sometimes in garden shops you can find special glue intended for bonding the plastic film. This chemical has no odor, stored indefinitely, and the connection is even, strong. Bottle of 50 ml capacity is enough for the connection of a seam width of 1 cm and a length of 15-20 m. it Should be remembered that not all glues are suitable for compound film; for example, will not use any types of glue. On the other hand, good results show the formulations used in advertising for the bonding of strips of banners: for example, "Fix-All" (Sadolin), which is suitable for bonding even of thick PVC film.
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