You will need
  • - a small piece of dark chocolate;
  • - teaspoon of peach oil (you can substitute olive or any other at your discretion);
  • - 3 drops of vitamins E and A (sold in capsules);
  • - 13 drops of essential oil (it may be oil of peppermint, lemon, ylang-ylang or some other);
  • - a piece of children's soap;
  • - molds for soap;
  • - big pot;
  • - a plate or bowl in which to boil soap;
  • - the capacity in which you will melt the chocolate;
  • - grater;
  • is the spoon.
Prepare for making soap: the necessary ingredients and equipment. The Foundation will be an ordinary bar of soap, preferably baby and odorless.
To start, grate on a fine grater a bar of soap.
Now place on low heat a pot of water. You are going to use as a water bath. Water should be enough so she at the boil and spilled over the edges of the pan.
Put grated soap into a bowl or other container, which is then place over the saucepan. Soap will quickly start to melt, and it is necessary from time to time to stir with a spoon.
Grate the chocolate on a fine grater and melt it in a separate bowl, adding a few drops of milk or water.
Add in the soap base of peach kernel oil, your chosen essential oils and vitamins. Now there also pour the melted chocolate. Mix well.
If soap is too thick, then dilute it with a little water. By the way, instead you can use decoctions of medicinal plants, for example, of chamomile, sage, mother and stepmother etc.
Once all the components are fully mixed, and the soap mass becomes liquid and homogeneous, turn off the heat so that the water ceased to boil. Can then pour the soap in special shapes.
Leave the cookie cutters with soap and water for 3-4 hours. During this time they will cure completely at room temperature.
If you cannot remove soap from the molds, put them for 10 minutes in the freezer, then slightly heat the material of the molds with boiling water.
Remember, in order to keep the soap can fully "exercise" all of its properties, he needs to "cook" for 2 days.
Store homemade soap may not be more than three months. After this time it loses its useful properties due to weathering of essential oils and the breakdown of vitamins.