You will need
  • Ice or a wet cloth.
To stop bleeding from the nose, accept the position with a raised head, with General weakness - half upright with head tilted forward. If assistance is provided the victim is unconscious, turn his head to one side, the blood from getting into the respiratory tract and did not cause aspiration of the lungs.
To narrow the blood vessels and stop nose bleeding attach to the nose a cold – ice, or fabric (wool), soaked in cold water. Change it as heat. In the nasal passages, insert a wet cotton turundy or pinch the nostrils with your fingers. Hold until, until the bleeding fully stops.
Keep a fixed position until the bleeding stops. Not mismarriages and do not rinse the nose with water. Do not throw back the head back to keep the blood from dripping on the rear wall of the nasopharynx, and if accidentally it enters in your mouth - spit it out. The victim is unconscious after providing him first aid in the hospital.
If there is excessive bleeding from the nose, in addition to the above measures apply to feet a hot-water bottle. Under heat will expand the blood vessels of the lower extremities. This will lead to the outflow of blood from the head and will cause an emergency stop bleeding. However, in a few minutes hold cold on the nose.
All recommendations allows you to stop the bleeding from the nose for 5-7 minutes. If no improvement, then immediately seek medical assistance. In some cases, require the use of a hemostatic means or tamponade nasal passages.