Advice 1: How to stop severe nosebleeds

Nasal bleeding may occur for a variety of reasons – due to the impact of external factors such as overheating in the sun or head injury, nasal or General disease – beriberi, flu, hypertension and infections. However, regardless of the cause, through it has no significant differences, the main thing that she was consistent and timely.
How to stop severe nosebleeds
You will need
  • Ice or a wet cloth.
To stop bleeding from the nose, accept the position with a raised head, with General weakness - half upright with head tilted forward. If assistance is provided the victim is unconscious, turn his head to one side, the blood from getting into the respiratory tract and did not cause aspiration of the lungs.
To narrow the blood vessels and stop nose bleeding attach to the nose a cold – ice, or fabric (wool), soaked in cold water. Change it as heat. In the nasal passages, insert a wet cotton turundy or pinch the nostrils with your fingers. Hold until, until the bleeding fully stops.
Keep a fixed position until the bleeding stops. Not mismarriages and do not rinse the nose with water. Do not throw back the head back to keep the blood from dripping on the rear wall of the nasopharynx, and if accidentally it enters in your mouth - spit it out. The victim is unconscious after providing him first aid in the hospital.
If there is excessive bleeding from the nose, in addition to the above measures apply to feet a hot-water bottle. Under heat will expand the blood vessels of the lower extremities. This will lead to the outflow of blood from the head and will cause an emergency stop bleeding. However, in a few minutes hold cold on the nose.
All recommendations allows you to stop the bleeding from the nose for 5-7 minutes. If no improvement, then immediately seek medical assistance. In some cases, require the use of a hemostatic means or tamponade nasal passages.
Useful advice
With frequent bleeding, contact your doctor to determine the exact cause. Perhaps they are a consequence of the General disease, not a temporary condition caused by unfavorable factor.

Advice 2 : How to stop a bloody nose

Of course, it is desirable with the appearance of blood from the nose to address urgently to the doctor, but if this is not possible, we offer You several ways to stop a nosebleed.
How to stop a bloody nose

Nosebleeds are quite common and their causes is a multitude of reasons:

  • trauma of the nose;

  • mechanical damage to the mucosa of the nasal cavity;

  • surgical intervention in the nasal cavity;

  • acute infectious diseases;

  • arterial hypertension and other diseases of the vascular system and heart;

  • high blood pressure;

  • hemorrhagic diathesis;

  • tumor;

  • kidney disease and liver;

  • beriberi;

  • puberty in adolescents, etc.

Of course, it is advisable to appearance of blood from the nose to address urgently to the doctor, but if this is not possible, we offer You several ways to stop a nosebleed. After providing first aid be sure to go to the hospital. So, to stop the bleeding from the nose is possible in the following ways:

  1. If bleeding is minor, you can try to stop it just pushing with your fingers the wing of the nose to the nasal septum or putting on the nasal septum tissue with ice or soaked in cold water a scarf. You can also lie on your back and put your head under the ice or compress with cold water.

  2. It is also recommended to enter into the nasal passage with a cotton swab pre-moistened with hydrogen peroxide or vaseline, then push it through the wing of the nose to the nasal septum.

  3. If the simplest ways to stop the bleeding did not help, then apply the front tamponade of the nasal cavity: long moisten a gauze pad with hydrogen peroxide or vaseline oil, then perform all the recesses of the nasal cavity. To the back of the head apply an ice pack. Done after the operation, the area that is bleeding, you can cauterize with silver nitrate, trichloroacetic or chromic acid.

  4. If the previous methods the stop has not had a result, then realize the rear tamponade, this should apply to the doctor.

  5. You can get in the nose a few drops of fresh squeezed lemon juice.

  6. To quickly stop bleeding from the nose can be attached to the nostril with a cotton swab pre-moistened with fresh nettle juice.

  7. You can still periodically draw through the nose with salt solution or a solution of water with vinegar (1 Cup water, 1 tsp vinegar) or lemon juice (the juice of 1/4 lemon, 1 Cup water). The liquid is drawn into the nose, then hold for a few minutes, pinch the nostrils and forehead and nose put a cold wet towel.

  8. Also used the juice and decoction of yarrow as nose drops. You can still RUB the fresh yarrow and paste in the nose, as turundas.

  9. Alternative medicine also offers to cut the onions and slice to attach to the back of his neck.

  10. Still, it is believed that you can stop a nosebleed by doing the following manipulation: if you started bleeding from the right nostril, then raise the right hand above the head and the left hand hold your right nostril. If bleeding from the left nostril, you need to make a similar manipulation, but mirrored. You can also use this method with both hands behind your head with the use of assistance for clamping both nostrils.

Advice 3 : How to stop a nosebleed at home

The appearance of blood from the nose is quite a common occurrence in many people. It can occur for many reasons. Doesn't have to be mechanical trauma to blood appeared. But the most important thing in any treatment is to do no harm. To stop the bleeding from the nose is necessary according to the rules, avoiding unnecessary actions.
bleeding from the nose

Why do nose bleeds

In addition to mechanical damage blood from the nose may occur for the following reasons:

  1. Constant stress, fatigue;
  2. Weak blood vessels;
  3. High blood pressure;
  4. The use of medical devices and drugs;
  5. Sunstroke;
  6. Reduced blood clotting;
  7. ENT-diseases;
  8. Dry air in the room.

A number of possible causes of epistaxis suggests that after the first aid you need to contact the doctor to diagnose the reason. This is especially true for those people, blood from the nose which is common.

What not to do if bleeding from the nose

идет кровь из носа

Before describing first aid to stop nosebleeds, it is necessary to note, what to do in any case is impossible:

  1. Tip the head is strictly prohibited. Otherwise the blood may get into the respiratory tract or cause bloody vomit.
  2. It is not necessary to lie down or tilt legs. Such actions will lead to an influx of blood to the head, which will only aggravate the bleeding.
  3. Tea or coffee will contribute to the increase in pressure, which can lead to increased bleeding from the nose or contribute to relapse. Therefore, at least several days should refrain from these drinks.
  4. After the blood was stopped, it is not necessary to vysmarkivatsya a minimum of 12 hours. Such actions may trigger a relapse of bleeding.

How to stop a bloody nose

как остановить кровь из носа

  • Before taking any action, you need to watch the amount of bleeding. Also it is necessary to assume the result that blood went. Perhaps knowing the cause, you can determine how long will the bleeding. There are times when the blood stops by itself.
  • Can be inserted into the nostril from which the blood flows a piece of cotton wool soaked in water. The person must sit on the chair with back and to make sure he was not tipping his head back. It is desirable that the head, by contrast, were down.
  • Slightly squeeze the wings of nose with fingers for a few minutes. This will speed up the bleeding stop.
  • To narrow the blood vessels need to attach to the back something cold.
  • If the intensity of bleeding is high, and its origin is unknown, you should immediately call an ambulance.


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