If the white fur turned yellow, wipe it with a cloth with a solution of hydrogen peroxide with water. Take 1 tablespoon peroxide and 1 liter of water. If the fur is badly yellowed, the concentration of peroxide can be increased. A rag drive only on top of the product and do not RUB too hard, and you can damage the fur. After cleaning the fur is dry and lightly whisk.
Heavy soiling may be cleaned with crushed potato skins with ammonia. To do this, take clean, rinse and mince. In the resulting mass, add ammonia. The resulting mush apply on the dirt and RUB with a brush. Rinse with water and dry the thing. After drying comb brush.
White fur, to restore the original look, you can clean aviation gasoline with starch. Also, this method removes all dirt and stains from the surface of the fur. Mix these two ingredients until a thick slurry and apply to the fur. Distribute the mixture should be around the appliance, cleaning of any one place is not possible as may form a spot that visually differ from the product in a different color. After drying, the fur a good shake from the remnants of starch.