You will need
  • - two new rubber seals;
  • two new worm drive clamp;
  • - coolant
  • - capacity for gathering of a cooling liquid;
  • - wrench
Work on cleaning the stove do when turned off and cooled down the engine VAZ-2107. All pipes pre-fit the cloths or fabric. In the engine compartment loosen the clamps on the input and output hoses of the coolant. With those radiator hoses and heater valve take off the hoses, substitute capacity for gathering of a liquid.
Take the Allen wrench 7 Unscrew them the screws fastening the gasket installed in the technological hole on the partition matousek. After removing the gasket, disconnect the traction drive of the crane of a heater and a fan shroud of the stove. Then print out the pipes of the heater core from the hole in the bulkhead of the engine compartment and remove the radiator.
Using a ring spanner for 10 Unscrew the two bolts securing the outlet port of the heater core. Pipe remove, the rubber gasket sealing the junction of the flanges, replace with the new one. Heater valve remove it from the oven. Remove all accumulated leaves from the radiator, clean the pipes and heater valve. Hoses clean inside with brush.
Flush the radiator using one of two methods. The first way is to wash it with Karcher installation under pressure of about 5.5 atmospheres. Flush the radiator up until the water overflows from the radiator will not become completely transparent. From experience, it takes approximately 160 liters of water.
The second method is washing with caustic soda. For this purpose a solution of caustic soda is poured into the radiator and after an hour decanted, paying attention to the color merging of the liquid. The procedure is repeated until then, while overlooking the solution its color will not be the same as before pouring into the radiator. After caustic soda radiator blow off with compressed air using a compressor.
All rubber gaskets and clamps replace. Heating system assemble in reverse order. Before pouring the new coolant the heater valve move to the far right. After topping up the coolant to correct level check tightness of all connections. If there are leaks tighten clamps.