You will need
  • Damp MOP
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Duster
A simple swipe will only create the illusion of cleaning and can be even dangerous for health. Dust, quietly lying on the floor or furniture, though did not look very attractive, but no one interfered. Sending dust particles in free flight, you and your surroundings start to inhale all this dirt, until she settles again. It is better to see the ugly gray mass than to score its light.
Many assume that the vacuum cleaner is, as its name suggests, is designed for collecting dust. However, this is very misleading. A vacuum cleaner draws in dust together with debris. The COP lingers inside the bag or container, but the smaller dust particles to get hold of very difficult, they are ejected by a jet of air back into the room. If the vacuum cleaner is stored the remnants of debris from the last cleaning, the fresh dust added and the bacteria multiplied in the vacuum cleaner during this time. Partial rescue may be the cleaner with water and HEPA filter, but it rid you of dust will not. This does not mean that vacuum does not need. Just be prepared for the fact that after the basic cleaning with a vacuum cleaner you will have to remove even fine dust, and thrown him into the air.
Best dust to brush off and collect with a damp cloth. If any surface moisture is contraindicated, use an electrostatic cloth. Things with irregular surfaces such as Venetian blinds, for example, to wipe hard. Take the thing to a balcony and Ammonite her duster, social feather duster or synthetic fibers.
Well, as they say, any problem is easier to prevent than later to deal with it. This rule applies to dust. Prefer closed cabinets, open shelves and cabinets, remove all beautiful but useless trinkets under the glass, treat the surface of the furniture antistatic agent, as often as possible and change filter bags in the vacuum cleaner, periodically ventilate the room. These simple tricks will help you gather less dust in the air or on surrounding objects.