You will need
  • oil;
  • - washing liquid.
To fill hydraulic Jack with oil, Unscrew the filler plug, drain all old oil, flush mechanism flushing fluid. Flush the Jack is very difficult. You will have to fill the washing liquid, to pump, add fluid and re-bleed. The same method produce plums.
Fill the container with oil to the maximum level. In this case, the mechanism must be in lowest possible position. To lower the rod in the down position, turn the screw-valve in the position "drain". Screw the tube, generate the pumping 5-6 times, again Unscrew the cap, add oil, tighten the plug. Every time the oil will miss up to the maximum level, so make pumping until until no bubbles appear and the oil level reaches the maximum mark.
All work on changing the oil and flushing the jacks produce no load. To use the mechanism for appointment only after the full completion of the oil change.
The oil of the Jack fits any, but in winter use the winter synthetic to the mechanism if necessary, was ready to work at any time. Irrespective of the time of year manufacturers hydraulic mechanisms is recommended to store them in a warm heated room to prevent the oil from freezing. To work with Jack in the cold can be short-term in cases of extreme necessity, for example, if an urgent need to raise the car to replace a punctured tyre.
Oil changes are producing not less than twice a year if you use a Jack from time to time. If the mechanism is used systematically, then change the oil every month, and definitely every time when changing the oil produce a complete washing. This method can substantially extend the work of Jack, and will not have the need to make costly repairs hydraulics.