Go to the main menu start the Windows operating system. Select "control Panel" and go to "Windows Firewall". You can also start the configuration from the command line by typing the following text: “control.exe /name Microsoft.WindowsFirewall”.
Check out the opened window. On the left there is a panel consisting of several sections, which are responsible for various settings firewall screen. Go to the tab "public profile" and "Private profile", where near the word "Outbound" you must cancel the option "Block". Click "Apply" and "OK", then close the window. After that you can start to configure the Internet access, various services and programs that are installed on your personal computer.
Go to the tab "advanced settings" to launch the firewall screen in the enhanced security mode. The window consists of a toolbar and three sections. Click in the left field section "outbound Rules", then on the right box select "Create rule". This will open the rule wizard.
Select the rule type you want to add in the firewall settings screen. You can select for all other connections to the computer or set up a specific program, putting her way. Click "Next" to go to the "Program", which again specify the path to the application.
Go to "Action". Here you can allow the connection or block it. You can also become a secure connection, which will be authenticated by IPSec. In this case, clicking the "Configure" button, you can set your own rules. Then, specify "Profile" for your rules and come up with a name. Click "finish" to save the settings.