If your project a few days, to know the number of pages will fail since they are in search of. Go to the browser you are using to navigate through the websitem. In the address bar write the website Then click this link. To view the pages register profile.
Click "Register". Enter the data that will be requested by the system. Be sure to complete the e-mail address. It will be useful to you in case of lost account or lost password. If the system asks you to confirm the registration, you will need to click on the link that comes in the email. Next, log in under your username. If the system asks you to save the password, click "Save". However, you must be sure that the computer does not have viruses, as all data can be stolen.
The top field is where you enter the url of the website. Enter the desired portal. It is also worth noting that the site with and without www are two different project for the systems and pagesyou will be shown totally different. As soon as you enter, the service will automatically scan it and give you a result. You can see how many pages you have on website. Also displays the numberthat is in the search.
Similarly, you can check at any time the number of pages, which is on your project or on other website. To see the changes that occur in the index pages after each scan, press "save". Try to use on this project in one browser, as in the other program will not see changes to check the website. Lay the new material on your website and the number of pages will constantly increase.