First, clear conductive stripes in the varnish. For this purpose, use a steel wire or a paper clip. The strip must have a metallic luster. Don't forget to degrease.
To restore the Explorer rear window, you can use conductive paste. Before repair it is necessary to switch off the heating. Do not apply paste on hot glass. Then carefully strip the conductor and rinse it well with alcohol. Next, you need to note repaired on site. For this purpose, use adhesive tape. Now you can go directly to the application of paste to the damaged area. Full properties it will take about a day. You can also for drying to use construction Hairdryer. In this case, heating can be used before.
To restore the conductor using iron filings, magnets and glue. To start prepare fine iron filings, a small-sized magnet and a transparent adhesive. Instead of glue you can use nitrocellulose lacquer. Attach the magnet from the outer side over the spot that is damaged. Then from the handler, sprinkle sawdust. Move your magnet until then, until the rupture will not be an electric contact. Then apply with a small brush glue to the sawdust. Give it time to dry. Remove the magnet and blade to remove any excess sawdust. Apply another layer of glue. After it dries can check the efficiency of heating.
For repair you can use the paint from chips. Of copper-brass bar with a fine file make chips. Pour it into the paint and stir well. The result is a doughy mixture. Make a stencil out of duct tape or adhesive tape. Turn on defogger and apply the paint to the thread. In the process of applying you should receive a hiss from the contact points. After some time it will disappear. The composition hardens in about a minute.