You will need
  • - silicone or rubber hose;
  • - screwdriver
The fault pressostato you to diagnose a number of characteristic disturbances in washing machine: washing machine not spin the clothes; the smell of the tank;- in the "rinse" occurs alternately enable the bilge pump and inlet valve;- constantly out of order heating element of a washing machine;- the machine is not gaining or pours water.
Position level - pressostato - depends on the brand and model of washing machine. Level switch typically is a cylinder with a thin rubber membrane, which increases pressure of air. Sensor is connected to wires and a plastic tube leading to the pressure reservoir.
To verify pressostat washing machine, you must disconnect the hose pressure. To do this, unplug the washing machine and set it so that to access its rear wall. Unscrew fixing bolts and remove the cover of the washing machine. Find the pressure differential switch and carefully disconnect the hose.
Attach to this place a piece of silicone or rubber hose of a suitable size. Blow gently into it. You should not blow too hard - you may damage the relay. When you switch springs contacts should be clearly audible clicks. If your washing machine using a single water level - you will hear a click, if two level - two clicks, in the presence of feature economy mode - three clicks.
Check the pressure tube for cracks. If necessary, replace them. Carefully inspect the membrane pressostat - if the surface was porous, the device will need to be replaced. Check the contacts of the sensor. In the case of sticking, clean them or install new relay. Remove dirt and carefully connect all hose contacts.
Despite the fact that most in-service pressure switches look almost identical, it should be remembered that the pressure sensors are configured for a certain model washing machine. Therefore, when buying a new sensor you must know the make, model and serial number of your equipment.