You will need
  • - screwdrivers;
  • - a set of keys;
  • film;
  • leather;
  • - carpet;
  • glue;
  • construction Hairdryer.
Remove the torpedo. First unplug the machine, throwing off the negative battery terminal. If the car has an alarm system, you need to disable to avoid false positives. Clear all the overlays panel. Remove the radio using a set of special keys. Disconnect the control unit stove. Pull all the levers. If you plan to change the dashboard, you need to remove the speakers built into the panel.
Remove the glove box. To do this, first remove the cover by unscrewing the bolts holding the hinges. Locate the screws that attach the glove box housing to the panel. Unscrew them after memorizing the location of each. This is necessary to ensure that when reassembling not to disrupt the thread. The fact that the bolts differ from each other in length and width. Disconnect the light bulb inside the glove box, removing it from the ceiling.
Remove all screws securing panel to body. Remove the shift paddles to the steering wheel. Remove the torpedo, after disconnecting the harness pads on the back side. Apply on the body several layers of noise insulation. It will remove from the cabin noise from the engine.
Seal all joints and cracks torpedoes fibroplastic. The panel consists of many parts, which while moving in contact with each other and emit an unpleasant noise. The back side is possible to glue several layers of chumki and vibration isolation.
Change the color of the panels and grilles duct. For this you need to degrease and sanding. Then apply two coats of heat resistant paint of the desired color. The torpedo itself can also be dyed. If the paint is not to your liking, then fit an panel or skin or carpet.
Make a pattern the size of a torpedo. Make a small amount of material. Then glue the torpedo. You can use special tape with adhesive. It is very comfortable easy to use. If desired, modify the dashboard, or install its upgraded counterpart. Assemble and install panel in reverse order.