Select the format of the future store. You can open a shop straight format or more points in shopping malls, to come up with their own concept or use a ready-made franchise.
Pick the suitable suppliers. The ideal option is to find one partner to whom you can buy everything you need. Purchase 20 loose-leaf teas and coffee beans of different varieties and a wide price range. Be sure to include in the price a couple of luxury items for connoisseurs and a few inexpensive options. Starting work, you will be able to study the market situation and expand the range.
Find a suitable room. Choose small offices in shopping malls or busy pedestrian street. Tea and coffee shop may be small – just 20 square meters for sales area and small utility room. Order beautiful sign – your store should be visible.
Take care of repairs. Coffee and tea theme is perfect design in retro style – dark wood, metal, covered with patina, textiles, creamy-brown scales. Decorate the walls with reproductions of old posters and reprints of books and Newspapers. Coffee and tea pour into glass jars with tight lids pritertymi – they perfectly demonstrate the product and decorate a store.
Hire a sellers – two people are enough, one per shift. Guide training – vendors need to understand the varieties of tea and coffee, to be able to provide their customers, to actively offer related products and services.
Turn on the range related products. You can prodavati candy – colored sugar, marzipan, nuts, small chocolates and candy. Compose gift sets a different value, include two or three kinds of tea and small box of chocolates or a beautifully designed coffee pod attached to a soft toy. Cheap kits are happy to buy for corporate gifts and Souvenirs. Offer utensils for brewing tea, a small tea sets and coffee pairs. Such things not only complement the product range, but also decorate the store.
Consider how to attract customers. You can set up in the storee the machine and to arrange for buyers with free tastings once a week. Or choose the "product of the month", offering him a substantial discount within 30 days. You can print your own discount card or to consider co-branding programs, together with other salons. Discounts, bonuses, gifts to customers, accumulating points, a lottery with small prizes – all of which can attract new and retain existing customers.