You will need
  • Elastics of different colors and sizes, pins and clips, hairpins, Bobby pins.
The French braid is the main advantage – it is woven all the hair. Children's hair soft, naughty and not always the same length. French braid children's hair lasts longer. The only drawback – weaving requires skill.
The easiest way braiding with rubber bands. On top with rubber bands create a small ponytail. A ponytail with two sides add a lock and collect the second band. Continue until, until the end of the hair. At the end secure with a rubber band. Gum, you can use different colored.
Braid braid on the same principle as with rubber bands. On top take a small amount of hair and divide into three strands. Begin to weave the braid. Take one small strand at a time with the two parties and weaves in a braid. It is also necessary to alternate. To spit was smooth, try to keep the strands were the same. In the end, you can leave the tail, to braid her hair or fasten with pins into a beautiful beam.
When you master the braiding French braids, you can do a lot of very interesting hairstyles. You can weave in a circle, creating on the head of a whimsical snail or braid along the forehead, leaving the rest hair loose. This hairstyle perfect for the holidays.
But not all girls like having their hair braided. With her hair walking is difficult – they constantly fall in my eyes and confused. In this case, tie on both sides of the forehead a small ponytail.
With Bobby pins, hair clips and clamps you can quickly make not only beautiful, but a neat haircut, pick up all the unruly strands. Hair clips for girls is bright, decorated with beads, sequins, ribbons or figurines funny animals - they are very like little fashionistas.
And for fans of the short cuts open a special children's hairdressers. Children's hairdressers will pick up hair taking into account the specifics of children's hair and so baby sat quietly in a chair, turn on the cartoon. Haircut at the children's hairdresser is not only accurate, but also mischievous. Because it is very important that even with the haircut the girl was still a small child.