The number of players is from 2 to 6, the game is on the playing field clockwise or counterclockwise on the players ' choices. Each participant is assigned a game card chip of a certain color. In addition, each player receives 6 cards of ownership of the same colour. The total vote is chosen by the banker, which will monitor the execution of financial transactions.
Before the game, each participant will receive 25000 credits (game money) start-up capital. If as you play the number of credits in the Bank ends and the game is not over, the banker may write checks.
The first always goes to the banker, the further sequence is selected by the players themselves. Everyone chooses for itself a certain strategy: raw material extraction, production and distribution of goods. The winner is the player who earned the most money, he gets the rank of the oligarch.
The playing field consists of sectors, entry into which requires a player or all players certain actions. A few such sectors: nature protection, the crisis of overproduction, the license Committee, the tax Inspectorate, the oligarch, the Bank, stock exchange, raw material extraction, manufacture, sale and market.
Stop by one of the participants in the sector "Protection of nature" prohibits the extraction of raw materials all the players without exception, as are measures to protect the environment. The player is trapped in sector "Crisis of overproduction", and blocks the rest of the production of any goods.
A player intending to trade in certain goods must purchase a license for retail trade. This is possible, provided that he has shop. To buy a license, you have to log into "Bank" and to pay 10,000 credits for sale in a s and 50000 – hypermarket.
When one of the participants enters into "Licensing Committee", all are required to surrender their license to the Bank, because the re-registration of ownership. To buy a license again is possible when getting into field "Bank". It is possible to trade without a license, but only in the sector of "Exchange".
If one of the participants stops the sector of "Tax inspection", all have to pay the Bank tax an amount equal to 10% of cash.
Sector "Oligarch" - the most democratic of all, it is possible to remain indefinitely unlike other sectors where it is impossible to have more than one move in a row. You can also enter into any transactions with other players with the exception of the sale and purchase of licenses
Sector "Bank" controlled by the banker. When ingested it can produce financial transactions, including the sale of goods, sale and purchase of a license, to take to repay the loan and so the Loan can be taken on any turn, it is enough to stand in the field "Bank" and with the next move on the amount will accrue interest at a certain rate. The loan must be repaid before the 20th move, inclusive, or the participant will be declared bankrupt and go out of the game.
The player caught in the sector "raw material Extraction" and having the company receives from the banker as much raw materials as indicated on the card of raw materials. Having obtained the raw materials, the participant may make from his product and subsequently sell it.
In the sector "Trade" a player produces goods in the quantity specified on the item card. If he has his own shop or supermarket, in the sector "Sales", the participant may sell the goods subject to license. The number of traded goods is also indicated in the card. If not licensed, the sales may be made only in the sector of "Exchange".
In the sector of "the Market" are all real estate transaction – the mining, producing or dealers companies. The amount for the purchase/sale of the enterprise is transferred to the banker.