You will need
  • - 50 g of acrylic yarn brown;
  • - 50 g black yarn;
  • - 20 g of beige yarn;
  • - hook № 3;
  • - 6 black beads of small size.
The number of loops for knitting these Slippers is designed for two-year-old. If you need to tie the Slippers larger just provarite in the middle of the part for a few more. Not to be mistaken with the size, try on the Slippers on the baby's leg.
Start knitting with the narrow end faces of a hedgehog (it will be toe sneaker). Take the thread beige, make a chain of two loops and one air loop for lifting. Objazyvaet chain in a circle by columns without nakida, gradually adding the loop to form a cone. Thus knit 12 rows.
From 13 th to 23-th rows knit without of increases right. With beige yarn change for black and brown skin, put together. At the same time in the 13th row, divide all the loops in half. Determine the top of the Slippers and the sole. In line with this, the upper part of elongated knit stitches to make the "needles".
The elongated loops are knit in the following way. Fit the thread on the thumb of the left hand. Enter the hook over the loop on your thumb into the loop of the previous row. Then pull the thread and provarite a column without nakida.
From 24-th to 35-th rows, knit a turning row. The lower part (loop to foot) knit columns without nakida, but the first 5 and last 5 columns of each row knit extended loops (see step # 3).
Start to shape heel Slippers 36 row, making obuvki to be able to pull the canvas. Knit stitch the heel seam. Tie the top of the Slippers 6 rows of elongated loops. Slippers-hedgehogs ready.
Sew on the muzzle, black bead eyes and nose. Red thread embroider the mouth.
Of Mat for gymnastics will have plenty of sole. Glue it to the underside sneakers with glue for shoes. Sew along the edge manually suture needle forward. To do this, use a thick needle and nylon thread.