Original car windshield are of high value. But not all motorists are ready to pay round sum. At the moment there are many alternative auto. They produce the world famous manufacturers. When choosing this alternative glass be sure to check whether the seller have the necessary certificates for these products. Good alternative the glass is not inferior in quality to the original. It costs several times cheaper.
Remember, even the products from renowned manufacturers can be defective. That is why before buying it is recommended to perform a series of simple procedures. To start, visually inspect the future autoglass. If it has chips, scuffs, scratches or cracks, discard this defective product. Good glass has a smooth, well-finished edges. Pay special attention to the presence of distortion. This marriage is most common. Glass should not be cloudy.
Quality windshield are made only at the factory. It uses modern automated equipment. When choosing pay attention to glass sizes. They must be strictly observed. All factory automotive glass there is a black marking in the corner. It must be specified the manufacturer and type of glass. If the markings there are errors, it is best to abandon the proposed product.
It is not recommended to purchase non-standard windshield. They will eventually pass into the cabin dirt and moisture. If you decide to purchase a triplex that is not worth saving money on it. Poorly executed triplex can seriously threaten the safety of the driver and its passengers. The quality of the glass depends primarily on your safety.