You will need
  • Phone;
  • SIM card.
In the normal phone's rear panel is a removable cover. You need to press it and pull down to the side of the display. You will see the battery. And remove it by lifting a finger in place of one of the recesses. Note the position, which housed the battery, you need it, when you reinsert it.
Under the battery is a flat surface with only one small depression. In some phones over this recess there is a moving lever, the other lever is fixed clamp. Third, deepening a little goes beyond the boundaries of the recess for the battery. And this deepening of the socket for a SIM card.

Lift the lever, if any, and insert the SIM cardto cut the area coincided, and the microchip (gold square) was at the bottom (touching the nest). Secure the card with the lever, or it automatically locks clip (or deepening). Insert the battery, observing correct polarity (as it was located), close the lid, turn the phone on.
With iPhones it is a little bit trickier. The kit with them included clip. Insert its end into the hole (on the lower edge of the device), will leave the card slot. Insert it the same way – to match the cut area, and the chip was down.