The curvature of the foot can be divided into true and false. The true curvature caused by the bending of the bones. Such a problem requires consultation and treatment from podiatrist. Fortunately, this situation does not occur very often.
Usually, we are talking about about the curvature of the legs. In this case, the visibility of the curvature arises because of the unfavorable location of the soft tissue. The bones of the legs straight.
To determine whether you have curvature of the legs, you must remove your shoes and stand up straight on a flat surface. Put feet together and close your thighs tightly. Perfectly straight the feet should be in contact at three points - ankles, calves and knees. This creates four "skylight" above the knee, below the knee, above the ankle and between the foot and ankle. The true curvature of the feet is diagnosed in the absence of the two points of contact.
If there is no contact between the knee and calf, it is referred to as O-shaped curvature of the bones. If there is no contact of the ankles and calves, this defect is called X-shaped curvature.
If there is no only one point of contact in the region of the calf muscle - there is reason to speak of about the curvature of the legs.
Correct about the curvature of the legs is possible by means of special exercises. If you for some reason do not fit, then come to the aid of plastic surgery. About the curvature quite easily avoided with silicone implants or injections of your own fat.
If true the curve of the foot contour is generally fruitless. The only way to fix it is to seek the assistance of an orthopedic surgeon. In such cases, the doctor may perform the surgery for excision of the bones of the lower leg. For the bones in the desired position after the operation is applied the Ilizarov apparatus. It should be noted that this operation is a major surgery and has a lot of contraindications. Besides, it exists the risk of various complications. The rehabilitation period can be 2-3 months.
The easiest and most enjoyable way to get rid of the curvature of the legs is to pick the right clothes. For example, jeans and pants straight cut visually "straighten" any curvature. Mini skirts can be combined with tights with the large geometric pattern, or with boots-bottomtime. For too slim leg fit tights with horizontal stripes.