If you learn the language from scratch, at first listen at least ten hours of various audio in Uzbek. It could be intensive courses with translation into Russian language and Vice versa, and simply dictate the words and dialogues, and audiobooks, and much more. You can watch movies, cartoons for language, listen to recordings from radio stations. This method will allow you to quickly get accustomed to the Uzbek language.
Download online or buy in store dictionary. He may be small, most importantly, that there was the need (especially at first) words. Try to find not just the book, but the audio application to it. This way you will be able not only to pronounce each word and memorize it, but to hear its correct pronunciation.
In parallel with the listening should take place and grammar rules. At the initial stage will require knowledge of word order in Uzbek sentence, basic prepositions, the possessive forms. It should be noted that the study of any language you need to devote time daily. May you have not so much time, but it will be more effective than you'll spend one lesson, and then think about the following only a week or a month. Set the schedule convenient for you: for example, listening to books or watching the films , you can focus on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and on Tuesdays and Saturdays to study grammar and work on vocabulary.
If you follow the plan, the first results become visible already after three or four weeks. You will be able to recognize by ear some words of the Uzbek language, will know their translation into the Russian language. After months of training you should move to another stage, to self-translation of sentences and subsequently and entire texts. For this purpose, try some Uzbek textbook that is designed for beginners. There you will find easy texts. For translations, please use not only a paper dictionary and electronic. So you will be able to accumulate an extensive vocabulary because he is the Foundation for further language learning.