You will need
  • - 2 or 3 skeins of different colors;
  • - spokes.
The most simple – knit horizontal stripes of different tangles. Most pick the good color combination of yarn (it can be like contrasting colors and shades of one color).
Provarite several rows thread main color. Turning to the knitting yarn in a different shade of the edge loop, do not remove and provarite thread of a second color. Tie several rows of this yarn, and again change the color. You will need to get a broach on the left side of knitted fabric.
Do not pull the string, make sure that the canvas was not pulled. Just try not to let the thread not too loose and not slack, otherwise, when you change colors can be holes.
To associate a vertical strip threads when changing colors twist. The movement of the brush should be to yourself. With this method of knitting on the wrong side will not be universal, so the painting is more free. Similarly vymazat and large motifs.
Jacquard pattern knit two or three balls of different colors. Always keep before him the scheme of the pattern and systematically compare it with your knitting. Provarite several loops in one color, then draw the second yarn color and attach to crochet from the wrong side.
Provyazat several loops of the second color, crossed threads on the underside as follows. Both lines must lie on the index finger of the left hand. The working thread (the one where you are knitting at the moment) should be located closer to the knitting, and outside a little further.
When you change colors put the outside of the thread closest to you, it becomes working. Keep the yarn on the feed lines was not tight and not hanging.