You will need
  • - hard disk;
  • - screwdriver.
First, you should define the interface of the hard disk. Now, almost all hard drives connected through SATA. To find out if your motherboard SATA interface, from the user to it.
Unplug the computer and everything connected to it the device from the mains. Remove the system cover, then put him on his side. So it will be easier to access interfaces of the motherboard. Then find on it SATA. Usually several of them. To facilitate search you can use the circuit Board if you have one.
Once the SATA interface is found, connect one end of SATA cable. Insert the hard drive into a free Bay of the computer case. After that, the second end of the cable connect with hard drive.
Now the hard drive is connected. It is necessary to connect the power. Among the wires of the power supply must be wire transfer. You should not confuse, so as soon as this wire will fit the Winchester. Connect it to the device. This process of hard disk installation is completed.
If your motherboard still has not turned out the SATA interface, or you got a hard disk drive with ATA interface, the connection procedure in this case is a little different. Connect the ATA ribbon cable to the system Board, and the second end of the ribbon cable to the hard drive. Field of this connect the power. If you did not have a free port ATA, then you can use the ATA ribbon cable that allows you to connect to one interface multiple ATA devices. Such plumes must be set to your motherboard. Or you can buy them in computer stores.
After connecting the hard drive, close the system cover. Connect all devices. Turn on the PC and the operating system will automatically install all necessary drivers.