You will need
  • Sol;
  • cosmetic paraffin;
  • potatoes, milk;
  • egg yolk, honey, vegetable oil.
Regular baths with salt to help make the skin soft, clean it and moisturize. Prepare a suitable size container, pour hot water and stir in a little salt. Wait until the water cools, the salt will dissolve, then toss the brush. After half an hour, remove the hands and treat them with soft scrub. You can use special formulations or prepare a mixture of salt and liquid soap. Treat the skin and rinse your hands with cool water.
Hand cream should be used daily, morning and evening, and if necessary more often (if skin is dry). At night make a layer of nourishing cream is thicker and wear cotton gloves.
Protect the skin from chemically active substances. All homework complete in rubber or fabric gloves, try to avoid even the contact with active detergent components. Before putting on gloves, lubricate the skin cream.
Make paraffin baths – they are perfectly smooth fine wrinkle and make the skin of hands smooth and silky. You can visit a beauty salon and get a course of treatments, and can arrange paraffin pack at home. You will need a medical paraffin, some essential formulations and plastic gloves. Melt the wax, pour it in a bowl and dip your hands there after clearing them scrub. After 5 minutes, remove the hands and lower them again – repeat this several times to on the hands formed a thick paraffin layer. At the end of the procedure, remove the hand, wait for hardening paraffin protectors for hands and put on top of plastic gloves. Like some time can wrap hands in woolen mittens. Remove the gloves and remove the layer of wax, then grease hands nourishing cream.
Do extenuating mask. Boil potatoes, mash it with milk, and coat hands with this weight – this mask copes with rough areas. Mix egg yolk with honey or vegetable oil and use the resulting structure as a mask – after 15 minutes, rinse your hands with warm acidified water. If it is necessary to whiten hands, then lubricate them with a bread crumb soaked in milk.