You will need
  • - onion, soap;
  • - Golden mustache;
  • - aloe;
  • - honey, aloe, fruit of the chestnut.
The most effective way of getting rid of a small lump is removed along with the capsule surgically. The procedure is performed using scalpel and laser. If the lump is very small, it can be removed, making a special injection that contribute to the resorption of fat cells.
Modern restorative and cosmetic tools help to reduce the number of entities, it is necessary only not to forget that they should not be alcohol additives.
Traditional treatments also help to get rid of small Wen, but you need to use them only after consultation with your doctor. Very popular recipe based on baked onions. Take a medium onion, bake it in the oven, cool and mince. Soap of dark color, chop on a grater and mix with onion mush. Compress the resulting mixture is attach to the Wen. To do this it is necessary not more than twice a day. Store mixture in the refrigerator.
This houseplant Golden mustache, also helps to solve the problem with the Wen. Cut a couple of leaves Golden mustache and try to stretch. Attach the leaves to the lump, covering it with plastic wrap. Top tape a couple of layers of cotton fabric, securing the poultice with a bandage or dressing, leave it for 12 hours. Change the compress after this time and repeat the same process, using new leaves. The duration of treatment is 10 days.
One of the most effective means of traditional medicine is the suppression of talc with aloe. Cut the aloe leaf and apply it at night to the Wen, and solidified by a tight bandage. Expect the opening of the Wen in about a couple of weeks, the stem will come out of it, and the wound soon heals.
The same action is brown ointment, which tablespoon of honey, the same of crushed leaves of aloe, and five minced fruit chestnut. Take a piece of gauze, apply a slurry and fix it on the Wen. From time to time change the dressing.