You will need
  • - Photoshop;
  • - logo file;
  • photography.
Download the image to which you want to insert the logo into Photoshop, using for this the option Open from the File menu. Use the Place option from the same menu, paste the logo in the photo. After this action the file with the image will consist of two layers, available for independent editing.
If necessary, change the size of the logo. To do this, move one of the nodes located at the corners of the bezel surrounding the logo. If the inserted picture exceeds the size of the photo, change the scale of the image using the Navigator palette so that in the open document window were visible the border of transformation.
Usually, logos are saved in files psd, png, eps, or tiff with a transparent background. If you have turned the logo on a colored background, remove it by dragging the Magic Wand tool. Save the file with the logo on a transparent background for further work.
If the logo looks brighter than the pictures, reduce the opacity of the layer with the logo, changing in the layer palette the Opacity parameter value.
Use the option Save for Web from the File menu to save the photos with the logo.
If you need to add the logo to three or five pictures, each picture can be processed manually. However, to insert a logo in a few dozen shots it is better to automate the process. Collect all photos in one folder and create a new folder where to save images with logomi.
Create an action with the sequence of commands needed to insert the logo in the. To do this, click Create new action from the palette of action. If this palette is not visible in the program window, open the Actions option from the Window menu. Specify a name for the new action.
Start the action recording by clicking on the button to Begin recording. Take all necessary steps to insert the logo of the action, from opening of file with the image in a graphics editor. After saving the result of processing stop recording, click Stop recording.
Option Batch group Automate from the File menu, open the settings window for batch processing. Enter the name of the action, which will be used in the processing of pictures, a folder with the source files and the folder to save edited images. After clicking the OK button will start the processing of the pictures.