Care should be taken to wet cleaning and airing of the premises was carried out on a daily basis. The stuffiness and lack of fresh air several times increase the risk of disease during epidemics, as in Sparta the air high concentration of the virus. Ventilate the room in the children's garden is necessary in the morning, before the arrival of children during walks and before bedtime. Some kindergartens are equipped quartzose lamps, they must be included before the airing of no less than 10-15 minutes. Daily washing of floors with the addition of a disinfectant is also necessary for the prevention of influenza in the children's garden. Mandatory regular wet cleaning toys, countertops, chairs and tables, that is, all items that children touch throughout the day.
Educators and parents must teach children to wash their hands as often as possible. It is on the children's palms were most often deposited viruses, and the habit to touch face with your hands, folding the fingers in the mouth children wean very difficult. To the extent possible, care should be taken that children often wash their hands, especially after street and before eating.
Preventive measures in the form of cut onions can be done in the midst of the epidemic. Prepare a small saucer, finely chop the onion and garlic, and place them in all the rooms, lifting her higher. Children in the older groups it is recommended to make necklaces or medallions of garlic and hang them on the neck.
Food you should add onion and garlic – finely chopped or processed they retain their useful properties. You also need to ensure that the nutrition of children in the garden were diverse – they must get vitamin C daily (broth hips, fresh salads, vitamins).
Before the child gets into the group, he must undergo a medical examination in kindergartens all children must meet the nurse during an epidemic of influenza is obliged to examine them and to measure the temperature of each. This technique will help to prevent the limit for the sick child.
Physical activities should be performed daily or two times a week is a complete lesson, other days, always perform warm-up and morning exercises.