The first thing to tell him about the laws and rules of human existence. Try to not only comply with external standards, but also learned to understand and accept the fundamentals of life in society. Also explain that these rules exist not only for him but also for you, the parents, who are also bound by them.
Explain to the child the meaning of the prohibitions. Try to understand that if there will be no rules and everyone will do what you want, life becomes too difficult because of the constant danger of becoming a victim of crime.
Explain to your child that you should not beat others, with the exception of cases of self-defense, and dispose of what does not belong to him. Think of the main rule and say it as often as possible, illustrating real and imaginary stories and better deeds. For example, "Treat others as you want treated you".
Avoid errors, believing that the child grows up, he will understand and will learn all the rules (for example, that he will explain at school or tell their peers in the yard). Remember - in order to grow up, he needs the help of yours.
Do not think that once an explanation of the rules will be enough. Do not forget that permanently prevent the child cannot, because the restrictions must be reasonable and meet the age requirements of the baby.
In order to educate your child exactly what would like, first of all, pay attention to their behavior, which will serve as an example for him. Find time to do something good in the presence of the child: explaining the way the newcomer, opening the door to a disabled person or a person loaded with packages. Or, for example, go along to an elderly grandfather alone, ask about his health and ask him if he needed help with anything. Invent various stories in which your child will be a hero and then you will succeed.