Anthuriumat the necessary high temperature, as it is a thermophilic plant. In summer the temperature should not fall below 20 to 27 degrees in winter not below 17 degrees. Place the pot of flowers in a place protected from direct sunlight, otherwise the inflorescence and bracts reduced in size and deformed, and the leaves will lose their brightness and juiciness. Provide the Anthurium fresh air but protect from drafts.
Correct watering is very important for anthuriums. The water should be soft, well-settled and always warm (you can use boiled). Water the plant slowly, but regularly, avoid overflows and stagnant water in the pan (permanent drain). Anthurium leaves regularly washed with lukewarm water and frequently spray from a spray. Every two weeks, fertilize the flower by organic and mineral fertilizers.
In winter, Anthurium resting, as well as most other plants. During lowering the temperature should reduce the frequency of watering and fertilizing. But try not to allow drying of the soil in the pot. Overflow may lead to root rot, so at the bottom of the pot should be a good drainage layer. For the normal development of plants and increase the humidity. Put next to a potted flower, a container of water.
The young plant should be transplanted once a year, adult Anthurium needs a transplant every three to four years. The most suitable time for this – spring. Capacity needs to be wide but not too deep as the root system of Anthurium surface. For transplant use fertile soil composed of peat and sphagnum moss mixed with bark and wood ashes. The substrate should be slightly acidic, light and loose.