If you decide to order Bank card via the Internet, to receive it you still have to pay a visit to the branch of your chosen Bank. There are banks that send the card to your home address, but such banks must be treated quite carefully. This does not mean that the Bank is unreliable – just before to use its services, look for in the Internete user reviews, has received its cards.
Don't confuse what card you want to order – credit or debit. The first allows you to make purchases, even if the map is not the required amount. The Bank gives you borrow money you must repay it within a specified time. With a debit card everything is easier – you can only spend the money that is in your account.
Before ordering the card look in the Internete the most advantageous offers. It is important not only for the cost of maintenance of the card and provide it to the owner of the opportunity and availability in your city ATMs of the Bank. Using third-party ATMs, you will pay Commission.
When ordering cards you will need to provide detailed personal information – passport data, the number of pension insurance certificate, address of residence, your phone number, etc. Specify the correct data as to their test banks are fairly strictly, using various databases. After sending the data, wait for the call operator, it will tell you where and when you can get your card. If the card is received in the Bank, it will activate during the procedure. When you receive a card in the mail you will have to activate it yourself by making a call to the Bank.
The Bank is entitled to withhold the card. The reason for this can serve as a bad credit history, your age – younger than 22 or older than 65 years, lack of work or residence in the region of your residence.