You will need
  • - steel wire of diameter not less than 6 mm;
  • - a hammer, pliers and a chisel;
  • a small anvil or bar of iron, as the basis for the formation of the skewer;
  • - grinding machine or emery wheel.
Take a steel wire of diameter not less than 6 mm and using a chisel with a hammer cut into 6-8 equal pieces of wire about 70 cm section of wire with a chisel to follow the angle that you have already worked the pointy end.
Note that steel wire in the form in which it comes on the market, make the skewer is hard, because it is too hard and firm. So you need to remove the wire these qualities. To do this, build a fire and put the trimmed pieces in it, the wire should turn red from the temperature. With the help of pliers, remove it from the heat and allow it to cool yourself. So the wire will become soft and pliable, allowing you to make the skewers easier and faster.
Future then put the skewers on a small anvil or iron disc. Take a hammer and flatten the entire wire length, leaving the edge 10 cm, to give it a flat profile form, which allows you to turn the skewers when roasting, except scrolling the meat. Don't go overboard and try to stick to the same thickness 2 - 2,5 mm.
Then roll a ring of untouched land to make a kind of handle. Back away from the pristine pieces of 4-5 cm and with a pair of pliers and your own hand make a small spiral half turns.
The end of the skewer pointed make in order to put the meat on it. To do this, use a grinding machine or sand around. The tip should pierce the finger, so it is blunt, to avoid injury.
Temper the finished product that is lasting and will not bend. To do this, place a makeshift skewers to the fire and rascality them red-hot. Prepare a metal container with cold water, with the possibility of full immersion of red-hot skewers in water and temper them.