You will need
  • Financial records of the company.
Audit of the financial activities of the company. The report of the auditors is able to show weaknesses in the organization's activities, such as overpricing by suppliers; wrong registration of financial documents; excessive expenditure of funds for technical, material or information support.
Fix errors, note omissions in financial records. Inventory your financial records, develop relevant regulations of the accounting and financial Department, based on the results of the audit.
Analyze market related, interchangeable goods. Examine the competitiveness of your range of products or services. If you are a manufacturer, find ways to reduce the cost of production (introduction of energy saving technologies, the search for lower cost raw materials, decrease transportation costs, etc.).
Guide the certification personnel of the company. Based on the test results, make personnel changes, choose more skilled workers. Enter the rules of labor discipline.
Focus on finding new customers and partners. Grow your business on the basis of permanent study areas of the market in which your company operates.