Advice 1: How to set the EQ in your phone

Set EQ is available for almost every mobile phone having a Mp3 player function, but not all of them can be configured manually. Find out about additional music playback functions on your mobile device from the user guide.
How to set the EQ in your phone
You will need
  • - access to the phone.
Go to player settings of your phone, which is used to play music. Go to the context menu and select "Equalizer." Then adjust according to own preferences. You can use one of the standard settings, which has almost every player, but usually it contains a minimal set of built-in parameters for EQ.
Also if your phone supports manual configuration, run it by previewing in the web templates or on their own.
Please note that many switching equalizers in mobile devices according to the equalizer settings of the computer, speaker system, portable player, however, the phone can be a shortened version of it, so try not to get confused when you specify certain values.
Also, try to create your own custom settings, saving them and comparing in the future. Often the sound of music when you use the same EQ settings may be different when using your mobile phone and other acoustic systems.
If your phone supports equalizer settings for modes call find it in the settings of the current mode, or musical theme. This is quite rare, details about your phone model pre-specify in the user manual supplied at purchase.
Also note that it supports the software of your mobile device: download more files audio settings. Before setting it is recommended to disable various effects and 3D signals also follow while your own musical preferences.
Useful advice
Adjust the setting of equalizer in the headphones.

Advice 2: How to set the EQ

Professionals working with sound, set up equalizers, trusting to his own ears. This approach is quite clear: on any device and in any room to make the sound clean and high quality is possible only on the basis of the environment. For non-professionals some advice on how to set the EQ would be very helpful.
How to set the EQ
Any equalizer can be divided into three types of frequencies: high, mid, low. Each type correspond to several controls corresponding to a level of Hertz. To adjust the equalizer, turn up the music at a comfortable volume. First of all, remove the overemphasis of any frequency, as expressed in the rales. The sound should be clean and clear, not cutting ears. It should also be guided by personal taste. For example, someone who likes soft bass, someone tough, someone very low. In all cases, adjust a comfortable sound levels in all frequencies.
Adjust the equalizer depending on music. If there is a party where guests like pop songs, boost the midrange to highlight the voice of the singer and singing. If, for example, the bulk of the music will consist of dance beats, MIDs, instead, to lower and raise the high and low.
Most often configured by the specialists of the EQ look like a wave-a sine wave. It have peaks at high and low frequencies, and failure on average. With this setup, the sound becomes more pure. But you can align the equalizer in another way, if, for example, in the special room acoustics and layout. Thus, to properly adjust the equalizer, you can follow the examples of experts in sound, and can trust your ears. After all, in the end, the music you listen to and the sound should be like, first of all, you.
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