The prevalence of this disease is quite low, and the specialists of appeal only to those people who have claustrophobia manifests itself quite markedly. Therefore, to identify the approximate number of patients is not possible.

The causes of claustrophobia

The most common cause of claustrophobia is a negative situation that ever hit a person suffering from this disease. Bad memories cause the fear of the possibility of a repetition of the events experienced, which abruptly turns into an attack.

Also, this disease may occur because of internal conflict of man with himself. It could be dissatisfaction with your life or sense of danger for their health. Many people are afraid of enclosed space due to the fact that in a closed room to him no one will be able to help in case of feeling unwell.

The disease may arise because of abnormalities in the nervous system of man. But this form of disease is extremely dangerous and special treatment in this case is a big necessity.


The first and minor symptom of claustrophobia is mild anxiety when spending time in a confined space. Eventually the anxiety turns to fear, and fear provokes the development of disease based attacks.

The symptoms of claustrophobia:

  • It's hard to breathe. However, he is experiencing dry mouth. You can also start coughing.
  • The separation of the sweat is considerably increased.
  • The person becomes very pale, or Vice versa filled with bright color.
  • Anxiety and the desire to escape from the closed room as soon as possible.
  • Palpitations.
  • Panic. Weird and too emotional actions, unfounded view of reality.
  • Aggression poured out on other people or objects not present.
  • Possible fainting and loss of consciousness.

Identify the disease can shrink, with the serial questioning of the patient about his feelings in that moment, when he is in a confined space. Also, doctors ask the patient to mentally move themselves indoors. Symptoms of claustrophobia manifested even in the case when a person just is their presence in this space.

The main treatment of claustrophobia is to change the thinking of the patient. The psychiatrist in this case is trying to convince the patient the idea that the probability of the object of his fear is reduced to the lowest level.

If the stage of the disease severe enough, the patient assigned to special drugs, which are aimed at reducing anxiety. But, unfortunately, completely cure this disease with medicines is impossible.