When choosing a pair of stilettos it is important to choose your model. What is the secret to the perfect of stilettos? First, they are visually slimming and add femininity. Second, make their possessor a sexual. Third, always in fashion and go perfectly with all clothes except sports. And it is not all advantages of this notable footwear. These shoes never go out of fashion. It is both beautiful and convenient!

Please note that the ideal height of the heels of 7-8 cm. Choosing higher risk to get tired quickly. Speaking of high heels, don't forget about the dress code. Here is the major rules – relevance and moderation. Shoes should fit the occasion, in which they "enter society". Stylists suggest modern lady to have in the wardrobe at least two pairs of stilettos, black and beige. They create certain requirements for the image as a whole. Being a classic, they fit in better with classics. Ideal – pant suits and pencil skirt. Is strictly approach to the selection of the image in the pin to appear in the office. Open toe, very high heels, bright colors, in this case taboo. Lady in high heels is always the center of attention. Therefore, it is important to have everything at the highest level – clothes, makeup, hair.

When trying on the stilettos you need to pay attention on the comfort pad for future acquisitions. Model with a comfortable fit will be practical to wear and will allow you to literally soar, catching the admiring glances. It's not a myth that shoes with heels to be more comfortable! So there is no need to deny yourself the desire to feel like a Queen. After all, modern range and color palette will satisfy any discerning fashionista.