All high performance athletes adhere to a healthy lifestyle and eat right. It is necessary to consider at once that a proper diet is not a temporary diet, this regime is a way of life that ideally observed your whole life.

Eating properly for many years, people forget about their illnesses, poor health, do not bother him insomnia, bad mood and fatigue at the end of the day. Ideally, it is necessary to lead an active healthy lifestyle, to play sports or to exercise, more to be outdoors.

Proper nutrition is first and foremost a balanced regular diet, abstinence from alcohol, allowed to dry red wine, proper drinking regime, diet fresh healthy food, the rejection of canned foods. Ideally, doctors advise to refrain from eating white sugar and products containing it. Many people can not immediately eliminate from the diet sugar. In this case, use brown cane sugar, or sweetener. When very much you want sweet, perfect honey, of which a huge amount.

Also people with correct diet, reduce salt intake. Salt is consumed a large sea, it is considered more useful, is sold in all supermarkets. Following such a regime, eat fractional, usually five times a day. Every day add to your diet fresh fruits and vegetables, meat or fish, low-fat dairy products, eggs, cereals, greens, and fresh juices. The purer and less processed the food, the more it is useful.

People eating right, start your morning with complex carbohydrates, usually porridge, boil, and pour boiling water and let stand, podslushivaet porridge with a spoon of honey. Daily diet includes a salad of fresh vegetables with herbs, with the addition of a spoon of olive oil.

To eat properly very simple and inexpensive, and for this some products need to be replaced by other, more healthy.