Provide for the consumption of one type of food for a certain time. Usually the duration of this diet is 2 weeks. The result of mono is a significant weight loss, which then rapidly return back.

What is her damage? It's pretty simple. Together with a rapidly outgoing weight from the body leaving the macro-, microelements and nutrients. The body remains fully vulnerable to various diseases. If you take a closer look closely to his body, then one can easily see that weight loss is not fat loss and muscle depletion. With all these disadvantages is to say that the main problem after mono is a violation of metabolism.


All have long known that the human body to function every day might require some fortification. The lack of one substance can adversely affect the body.

Cons diet

1. The deterioration of the brain due to a lack of glucose.

2. Replacement of carbohydrates to proteins requires an increase in the load on the kidneys.


The lack in the human body animal products affects the structure and functioning of muscles. Due to the lack of proteins is the depletion of muscle tissue, and excessive consumption of fruit and vegetables have stomach problems, and as a result rumbling and bloating.

From the foregoing, it is clear that safe diet in its composition should contain all the vital list of foods. The only way to lose weight without compromising health.