But how does this principle? Is it possible to train him?

It requires a special approach. The purpose of this power is not to be like starving top model and save your own ideal weight. The concept involves four basic principles that make up conscious food:

1. Eat only when you feel real hunger

This type of hunger comes suddenly, it thickens slowly. Carefully guided by the organs of the body: feel the void in the stomach or the rumbling? Feel weakness and poor concentration? Just time to get something to eat and soothe the body.

2. Choose what you want

Free yourself from all thoughts of diets – from low carb, low fat, stop eating sweets and eat only what you really want and pleasure. You can do it without regret. Your body intuitively knows what nutrients or vitamins they need and where it gets them. Trust your physical intuition.

3. Be a foodie - enjoy it slowly and deliberately

Lovely food in a conscious activity. Focus on what lies on the plate: what color is it and shape? How it smells? How does it taste? Be distracted from the TV, phone, books. And try to eat slowly – about 4 times slower than normal speed. How does it work? Chew slowly, enjoy the taste and easy to swallow.

4. Enjoy satiety

Stop eating when you feel tired or just not hungry anymore. Forget the old axiom that the bowl should remain empty. Not the amount of food on the plate decides how much you eat, and your body. Be attentive to signals from the body.

These four principles are based on and reinforce each other. After a while they become a habit. Thus, the term ideal weight is achieved.