"Casual" as the expression

Style, notable for the fact that fits almost everything. Teenagers and more Mature. Of course, in adolescence to be scared of practically nothing. It is possible to combine incongruous, spit on all the restrictions to prove to the world their individuality. More Mature women and men much more complicated.

Most of the social aspects require a high degree of restraint in choosing clothes. Often because of work. Some people find it difficult to follow such strict restrictions, because intuitively clothing helps to present yourself to the world as a separate person, with their life principles, dreams and desires. In this case, the style "casual" - the best way out, because it would suit practically any clothes.

How to combine clothes in the style of "casual"

The trick of this style is the combination between the clothes of different directions. Most importantly, how much is enough courage. T-shirts can be combined with skirts, both the long and short. The jacket can be worn with jeans, or Supplement it with interesting strap, and the image will no longer look boring and monotonous. Romantic, but confident girls, fit nice dresses, for example, combined with denim jackets and even short boots. More reserved women who prefer jeans pants, you can complement the look with a soft pullover. Discreet and at the same time cozy.

A list of such combinations is very large. The main thing to remember: in the style of "casual" do not be afraid of anything. You do not need to adhere to any rules, always follow the novelties of the fashion, to puzzle over the correct combinations of styles and colors and so on.