To get started you just need to stop believing in fairy tales and listen to the advice of friends who have allegedly lashes have always been naturally short, but suddenly somehow miraculously suddenly become long. This situation in most cases is impossible in principle, because the length of the lashes laid at the genetic level. In this regard, to grow "ad infinitum", like the hair on your head, lashes can't. In other words, if nature has endowed man with short lashes, they are so good and will stay short. There is only one way to make their long extensions. This is not the case with health and thickness of eyelashes, because this can and must be fought.

Care of eyelashes

Adverse environmental conditions, use of cosmetics, hormonal disorders often spoil even the most long, thick and fluffy lashes - they become weak, sparse and brittle. How to return former beauty and make it more attractive?

The use of herbs

The first and the most budget way to restore the health of eyelashes are an application with the decoctions of herbs. This is done as follows:

1. Dried chamomile or lime need to brew with boiling water.

2. Cool.

3. Moistened in decoction of cotton pads and apply them on the area of the eyelids.

Such an application not only will have a healthy effect on the lashes, but will also help to get rid of circles and puffiness around the eyes.

Healing oils and vitamins

Weak eyelashes (as well as any weak hair) need strengthening hair follicles. Natural plant oils help to strengthen lashes, both inside and outside. Castor, olive, or almond oil should be applied on the lashes every night. Many people know about this way of enhancing them, but not everyone knows how to properly conduct this procedure. No need to"fill in" the eyes of oil – just lightly grease the eyelashes. To leave the oil on eyelashes on all night is not worth it. One to two hours is sufficient to provide the maximum therapeutic effect.

In addition, an excellent means to restore eyelashes are oil solutions of vitamins A and E. They must be used, dissolved in any base oil. This also can be added other components: aloe juice, parsley, carrots and even a strong tea brew. A good effect in restoring weak eyelashes can be achieved by using special products that contain vitamin B5.

And, of course, the most important rule that must be followed when caring for eyelashes is carefully handled. Do not use mascara dubious quality, and even the most expensive mascara should be washed off at the night time!