A little man's style

This element of the male wardrobe, the tie was included in women's fashion. A variety of lace, small ornaments, is due to its ties to femininity. Along with the neat and petite options firmly established solid ties.


Such fur accessories now not only the winter attribute. Design decisions made them part even of the summer season. Their color palette is absolutely not limited to, from subdued neutral tones to bright and unusual variants. They perfectly complement a summer coat, a business suit and light blouse. But truly, they look gorgeous with evening dresses. In turn, inferior positions and stoles made of wool. A little carelessly draped around his neck, they give freedom and confidence.

Long options

Attractive and bold look of the scarves in half, fur or silk. While very popular vertical stripes. Color scheme – diverse. Long scarves also a great addition to the outfit.

Not only on the neck

Silk scarves have become item that not only beautifies the neck. Ladies found other uses. Look stylish and fashionable silk scarves, tied at the wrist. Also handkerchiefs and scarves used instead of the belt. And scarves with abstract print will not be superfluous to tie on its head. At any moment it can be returned to its "rightful" place on the neck.


Unchanged classics that have some consecutive season, scarves are in a cage. Stylish and daring, they will be a great addition to the outfit in a casual style.