What cosmetics you will need for drawing arrows?

  • Liner (liquid eyeliner in a felt tip pen). Easy to apply, the line is smooth and clear, but dries almost instantly and is difficult to correct errors in the application.
  • Liquid eyeliner. Its use will require skill, it allows you to draw almost any design on the lids.
  • Eyeliner. Solid pencils for fine lines and soft, suitable for lines with no clear boundaries.
  • Corrector. Is it easy to fix bugs that appeared when applying makeup.
  • Mascara. Helps to make the makeup look complete.

A few ways that will help to smooth hands.

Method # 1 - Easy makeup

For a natural makeup suitable thin, but expressive hands. To apply them follows the edge of the lash, this will allow you to get a straight line. You will need to slightly pull the upper eyelid and little touches to draw the eye, it should happen continuously.

Method # 2 - Feline sight

Need a simple teaspoon. To the outer corner of the eye is applied to the handle of the spoon at an angle and like a ruler draw a clear line. Rounded part of the spoon you need to put just above the received line. It is necessary that the lines converge in the folded triangle, then you just need to paint the space.

Method # 3 - stern look

For a classic smooth hands, take a small piece of plaster. It needs to be glued at an angle close to the outer corner of the eye. It is important not to touch the lashes, so you don't accidentally rip out when you remove the patch. It remains only to apply the line to the desired length along its borders.

Method 4 - arrow Template

It is necessary to prepare a template with the desired form eye-liner suits thick paper. This template can be used more than once, you just apply it to the upper eyelid and carefully sketch the outline.

Method # 5 - Arrows with the use of shadows

On the upper eyelid should be applied the shadow in a natural shade, then almost the growth of eyelashes to bring a thin line. If the straight line did not work, it is easy to correct with a cotton swab. If you apply dark shadows on the drawn line, then this will help to keep makeup on all day.

Method # 6 - beginner

If there is no certainty that the arrow will turn smooth, then you can draw the outline of the desired shape with a light pencil. Then you will need to spend on top of the drawn parts is more dark pencil or eyeliner.

These simple tips will help to make the look expressive touch, and his owner to give charm and sophistication.