The importance of such a venture often deny employees. Because the control is a conditional limitation of their freedom. However, such verification is considered the main task of the Manager.

Control is necessary in conditions of growth of the organization. Because with the expansion of a hierarchical structure increases the risk of deterioration of the lower levels. Check need to identify problems and their quick solutions.


Of course, the important point is to track outcome indicators. The tracking process allows to detect deviations and take immediate action.

In case of positive result of the process that contributed to this, not interested in head. However, otherwise it is necessary to identify the cause of the failure.

The culprit negative result may be, for example, lack of qualified subordinate. In this case, it is necessary to conduct training. In addition, you should ensure even distribution of tasks, motivation and more. That is, in order to accurately determine the cause of the failure, should carefully follow the stages of the project.


The controlling process comes to the fore in the case that employees perform daily standard set of functions. Indeed, in this case the result of the work of the staff is the observance of certain rules and the performance of official duties.

The result should control in the absence of a strict order of work. That is, the methods of implementation of the tasks employees choose themselves. In this case, they work with varying effectiveness. So testing is needed to determine the optimal solution of the problem.

It is also worth checking the work of young specialists, programmers, researchers and managers.


Control will not bring a proper result without a clear understanding of the check process. It needs to be systemic and not Intrusive. Hidden control that passes to clear, also have a negative impact on the work of a subordinate. After all, the employee will be motivation. Formal checks will not bring the desired result. Indeed, in the absence of specific objectives and actions it is not working.