1. Compulsory Breakfast

In any case, do not give up Breakfast. The one who ignores it, at tea-time eats up a huge amount of calories which leads to weight gain.

2. Forget about snacking

Say no to quick snacks. These include burgers, chips, crackers, etc. If you really want to eat – we should let the worm green tea or plain water.

3. Learn how to eat from vessels of small volume

Buy yourself a small plate, spoon and Cup. In any case, not disipate the additional volume of food. To the wolf, slowly enough to savor the food and not to hurry. Remember that info about saturation, visit your brain is only a quarter of an hour after getting it into the esophagus.

4. Drink more water

Water carries life. It is impossible to prevent dehydration. Drink water in sufficient quantity, which shall be not less than 1,5 l per day.

5. Do not ignore the use of liquid soups

Daily soups available in the body definitely. They are not only able to saturate the body, but also to minimize the daily calorie intake for the day.

6. Do not abuse high-calorie food

Refrain from fried and greasy food. Give preference to vegetable food.

7. Like green tea

It is not only a nice drink. He also has a healing effect on the entire body and helps to eliminate toxins from the body, promotes weight loss.

8. Try not to eat at night

The body has the right to relax, so eaten on the night food will cause the stomach to work, and in case of failure will lie in it all night a heavy lump.

9. Arrange unloading of the body

Encourage your body to discharge days. He'll love it.

10. Do not ignore light physical activity

Make it a rule every day to exercise or take a walk in the fresh air. Sign up to sports clubs, which bring you satisfaction. Create a calm environment, devoid of unnecessary emotions and stressful situations.

Not so hard, was it? Don't wait until excess weight is a heavy burden on your hips. Go for it!