There is no sphere in which would not be useful to your confidence. This and life when you often have to guess the intentions of another person. Even for earning large amount of money, you must be confident. Only then can we achieve happiness. And did you know that the majority of suicides occur precisely because of the insecurity. You need to love yourself for who you are.

But how do you become more confident? The first thing to understand is that it is a long process that takes a lot of strength. You will have to experience suffering, which you have not felt. So train your will power. All these sufferings will lead to regress, and that's fine, because to transform yourself very difficult.

Nevertheless, it is constantly to get up no matter how long you lay. Continue the business. Better to grow slowly than not to move. Helps in the development of self-confidence fantasy. If you use imagination and draw in their heads the image of a confident person which you sharpen, then after some time, your behavior will be much more confident.

Train your own gait, manner of speaking, gestures. Don't forget to smile to yourself and to others. And never stop its development. Every day you have to be better than yesterday. If it fails to do anything scary. Importantly, the trend was to build confidence. And for that appreciate the smallest achievements.

It is also very important to do others good, since then you believe in what you can do a lot. Then you build the right image about yourself. In General, self – esteem is the ratio of the I-real to me-perfect. First, what a person sees. And the second is whatever a person would like to see. And the bigger the gap between the real and the ideal, the more the person insecure or self-assured. You must live in reality and accept it for what it is. Humility is a useful human quality.